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Revisiting the Galapagos Islands

I originally got to visit the Galapagos Islands five years ago but Darlene has long wanted to go herself.  Of course the Galapagos Islands are well known for their abundant and unique wildlife, their fascinating and beautiful geology, as well as for the inspiration and development of Darwin’s theory of biological evolution.  So, no, I really didn’t mind going back […]

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Tahoe Skiing

Click through for my gallery of pictures plus a video montage from this past weekend skiing at Squaw and Alpine Meadows with the Outdoor Adventure Club:   

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Princess Darlene

A Merry Christmas to all from Princess Darlene…   

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Burning New Moon

Caught a super thin crescent of a new moon chasing the sunset a couple of days ago: Looked like it was on fire as it set behind the ridge – here’s some video through my telescope (at 4x normal speed):  

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Spruce Goose

While up in Portland, Oregon this past weekend for my brother’s birthday, Glenn, Michele and I made a day’s excursion to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, the current home of the “Spruce Goose” and a huge variety of other aircraft.  All pretty cool and definitely a worthwhile visit, but it’s a little annoying that […]

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Glenn’s 45th Birthday

My brother, Glenn, decided to run 45 miles over the week of his birthday, starting with a half-marathon and culminating with the final five miles to an eatery in downtown Portland specializing in fresh-baked pies.  (Mmmm… pies….) He made this commitment before he came down with a bronchial infection or knew that he’d have some nasty windy and rainy […]

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Misty Santa Cruz Sunrise

I woke to the first glimmer of this fantastic misty, foggy sunrise out my bedroom window a couple of days ago… so I scrambled to set up a camera on the deck to capture a time-lapse video and snag a few nice shots.  Pan supervised:    

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Wildcam: Lions and Tigers and…

I bought one of those motion-sensing wildlife “game” cameras and have been trying it in different spots around my property here in the hills near Santa Cruz.  Not so many lions and tigers and bears, but lots of deer and coyotes, the occasional raccoon and squirrel, but also caught a bobcat and a couple of bucks sparring […]

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Erin & Greg’s Baby Shower

Click through for pictures from Erin and Greg’s baby shower:  

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Halloween Night 2014

Darlene and I headed out for Halloween night as the Princess Bride and Westley (aka, the Dread Pirate Roberts), having not entirely escaped the R.O.U.S.’s of the fire swamp: Our first stop was to try to score some trick-or-treating at the Riggles. Dave then took us over to see this year’s incredible pirate house/manor at a nearby […]

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