Galapagos Islands: Days 6-7

On Isabela Island: hiked up Sierra Negre to the crater and the nearby recent lava flows one day and took a day long boat excursion around the western tip of the island in search of flightless cormorants, penguins and fur seals, as well as explore the coastal lava tunnels and go to another site for snorkeling with sea turtles and seahorses.
image-144 image-145 image-146 image-147 image-148 Flamingo Flamingo, Common Gallinule Flamingo Flamingos
Flamingos image-154 Starting the hike up the Sierra Negre volcano on Isabela Island Starting the hike up the Sierra Negre volcano on Isabela Island The crater of Sierra Negre (Isabela Island) The crater of Sierra Negre (Isabela Island), about 9 km across. image-159 image-160 Panoramic view of the crater of Sierra Negre (Isabela Island), about 9 km across.
image-162 image-163 image-164 image-165 image-166 image-167 image-168 image-169 image-170
image-171 image-172 image-173 image-174 image-175 image-176 image-177 image-178 image-179
image-180 image-181 image-182 The town of Puerto Villamil on Isabela Island Nazca Boobies Galapagos Fur Seal Some video (37 seconds, 11 MB) of the Fur Seals.  This area isn't yet open to tour boats and I'm not sure it should be: these guys were definitely upset by our presence... Galapagos Penguins image-187
Marine Iguanas Flightless Cormorants, Marine Iguanas Marine Iguanas Flightless Cormorant Classic Galapagos Game: "Count the Iguanas!"  (I find 32 in this shot.) Frigate Bird (female) Flightless Cormorants Brown Pelican Flightless Cormorant with chick
image-197 image-198 image-199 image-200 image-201 image-202 image-203 Golden or Guineafowl Puffer Blue-Footed Boobies (infant and adult)
Blue-Footed Booby (baby) Blue-Footed Booby (baby) Some more video footage (60 seconds, 16 MB) of the Blue-Footed Booby (and baby!) Galapagos Penguins Galapagos Penguin image-210 Green Sea Turtle White-Tipped Reef Shark Pacific Seahorse
Pacific Seahorse Green Sea Turtle Green Sea Turtle image-217 Green Sea Turtle image-219 Some video footage (77 seconds, 21 MB) of swimming with the Green Sea Turtles Green Sea Turtle image-221
Trumpet Fish