Galapagos Islands: Days 1-3

On Santa Cruz Island visiting Charles Darwin Center, evening kayaking in Tortuga Bay, day trip for snorkeling out to Santa Fe Island, beach visit for marine iguanas.
Looking towards the fish market in Puerto Ayora image-002 Twilight near the fish market in Puerto Ayora (Frigate Birds) Even the baby giant tortoises look 100 years old! image-005 Lonesome George is gone, but there are other varieties of giant tortoises at the Charles Darwin Center being bred to restore populations. image-007 A short video (90 seconds, 23 MB) of the tortoises at the Charles Darwin Center. Hood or Espanola Mockingbird
Hood Mockingbirds Lava Lizard Land iguana - these are gorgeous but we didn't get to see them in the wild. image-012 image-013 Darlene's first iguana encounter image-015 Marine Iguana Watch for live speed bumps on Galapagos Island roads.
image-018 Kayaking out into Tortuga Bay On the lookout for sea turtles... Our first sighting of green sea turtles image-022 image-023 Sally Lightfoot Crabs (or Red Rock Crabs) are a common sight in the Galapagos Sally Lightfoot Crab Our first Blue-Footed Booby
Blue-Footed Booby image-028 Striated Heron Striated Heron image-031 image-032 Galapagos Sea Lion image-034 image-035
image-036 image-037 image-038 image-039 Snorkeling off of Santa Fe Island image-041 image-042 image-043 Razor Surgeonfish (yellow tails) and King Angelfish (orange tails)
image-045 image-046 image-047 image-048 Razor Surgeonfish image-050 image-051 Green Sea Turtle Green Sea Turtle
Green Sea Turtle More video footage (90 seconds, 23 MB) of swimming with Green Sea Turtles and Stingrays. Stingray, Elongate Surgeonfish (silver), Mexican Hogfish (black) Stingray Stingray Galapagos Hawk Galapagos Sea Lions (juveniles) Galapagos Sea Lions American Oystercatcher
Uh oh, Darlene got her feet wet... Marine Iguana Marine Iguana Marine Iguanas More video footage (75 seconds, 19 MB) of Marine Iguanas on the beach image-066 image-067 image-068 image-069
Marine Iguana Galapagos Sea Lions (they're all over the place!) image-072