Galapagos Islands: Days 4-5

Day trip to Bartolomé Island for a spectacular view, snorkeling and seeing lots of wildlife including Galapagos penguins. On Santa Cruz Island: inland trip to see giant tortoises and lava tubes, bike ride back down through the rain to Puerto Ayora.
Setting out for Bartolomé Island from Santa Cruz / Baltra Daphne Minor Nazga Booby (juvenile) Bartolomé Island image-077 image-078 image-079 image-080 image-081
image-082 image-083 From the top of Bartolomé From the top of Bartolomé From the top of Bartolomé Looking towards Santiago Island from Bartolomé image-088 image-089 image-090
image-092 image-093 Different forms of volcanic rock image-095 image-096 image-097 Sally Lightfoot Crab Galapagos Penguin Galapagos Penguins
Galapagos Penguin Blue-Footed Booby image-103 image-104 image-105 Chocolate Chip Sea Star Panamic Cushion Sea Star Galapagos Sea Lion Galapagos Sea Lion
Some more video footage (90 seconds, 25 MB) of swimming with the sea lions.  So much fun!! image-110 Panamic Cushion Sea Star Razor Surgeonfish Bullseye Puffer Fish image-114 We bought hand-painted T-shirts from this guy Be verrry quiet... we're stalking a Giant Tortoise! image-117
Giant Tortoise (Santa Cruz Island) Giant Tortoise (Santa Cruz Island) Giant Tortoise (Santa Cruz Island) image-122 Giant Tortoise Giant Tortoise (Santa Cruz Island) Human Tortoise Human Tortoise Human Tortoise
image-127 image-128 image-129 image-130 image-131 image-132 image-133 image-134 image-135
image-136 image-137 image-138 image-139 image-140 image-141 image-142 image-143