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Underwater Pumpkin Carving

An underwater pumpkin carving contest (Breakwater, Monterey) and a Halloween party with the Diving Singles club.  (Except for my jack-o-lantern shots, all these pictures are courtesy of Herb K. — thanks Herb!) Click through for the full gallery:   

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Wrath of Denethenor

Greetings, I happen to stumble across your website while searching for information on Wrath of Denethenor.  I never played it, but have been aware of it’s existance for some time.  I now run a website, which in time, I hope to catalog all collectable classic software over a long period of time.  I was working […]

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Weekend Return to Bishop

Spent a weekend with my high school friend, David, to visit and stay with his mom, Grace (and her llamas) back in Bishop, CA.  We went out four-wheeling a bit, explored some caves, disturbed some bats, checked out some views of Owens Valley, and Dave broke out his rifle for some target practice.  No llamas or bats […]

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Backpacking Up Pine Creek/Italy Pass

Labor Day Weekend with Mike, Jeanie, Troy… and Chloe!  We camped out in the Alabama Hills near Lone Pine with the intention of getting a trail permit to climb Mt. Langley (near Mt. Whitney) but given how quickly all the trailheads filled up that weekend, we were lucky to have any entry within a few hours drive.  So, […]

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Backpacking into Desolation Wilderness

Melissa came out from Minnesota to join me and some friends (Jeanie, Mike, Llana, Nora and Chloe!) on a weekend-long backpacking trip into the Desolation Wilderness (near Lake Tahoe).  We worked our way from Loon Lake to Buck Island Lake, Rockbound Lake, and eventually Rubicon Reservoir. Click through for the full gallery:  

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Columbia River and Mount St. Helens

This is a gallery of pictures from a weekend visit up to the Portland, Oregon area.  Hoan and Quyen joined Glenn and Michele for a river tour up the Columbia River to the Bonneville Dam.  And then the following day, Glenn and I went up to see Mount St. Helens. Click through for the full gallery:  

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Corey and Nira’s Wedding

Click through for the full gallery from Corey and Nira’s wedding in Portland, Oregon (July 20th, 2002):  

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> Hey Chris, > > I gotta let you know that I was searchin’ through the Internet looking for > some info on your game Wrath of Denethenor, and Viola! I came across this > web-site. My brother and I loved that particular game…jees, that was about > 15 years ago? Anyways, thought I’d drop […]

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Mountain Biking around Tahoe

I went up to Lake Tahoe with Jeanie for the extended, Fourth of July weekend.  After enjoying the fireworks at June Lake with her mom, we spent the rest of the weekend mountain biking on various trails around Tahoe.  We started high up on the north side, wandering around looking for some suspected trails on the first day.  On […]

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I cant believe you wrote, Wrath of Denethenor, I was 8 years old when i played that game for the first time in jan, 1987, one of the best games ive ever played, better than Ultima 4. I remember i had an apple 2e, one of the first games I played on that platform. I played it again […]

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