Yearly Archives: 2001

Adventure in Queensland – Australia!

This is a collection of images from a trip in November 2001 organized through REI Adventures.  They call it their “Reef and Rain Forest” multisport trip.  Fifteen days of whitewater rafting, backpacking, camping, biking, sea kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, and uh… eating!  It was wonderful!  (No worries, mate!) Whitewater Rafting on the Tully River Backpacking in the […]

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FileMaker Holiday Lunch

Pictures from our holiday lunch and “white elephant” gift exchange this year:  

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Wrath of Denethenor

Hey, Just saw your website–and I must say my brother and I were both totally addicted to that game.  We were actually wondering if you know of any decent emulated versions for a pc these days…oh how i miss my lil green screen being standing on an island whacking a ship :) thanks for writing a great game! […]

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Double Birthday

Pictures from the double birthday party for Patty and Kathie this year with Dave, Clay, Keith, Buck, Gina, David, Jennifer and Katie:  

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Halloween at FileMaker

Click through for the full gallery of pictures from this year’s Halloween festivities at FileMaker, Inc:   

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Halloween at the Wellers

Click through for the full gallery of pictures from this year’s Halloween party at the Wellers:   

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Pumpkin Ride

The proper way to gather pumpkins for the season… on your mountain bike and in costume!  Here’s the deal. Starting from the upper Purisma Creek parking lot (on Skyline), you ride in costume down a mix of single-track, fire roads, and paved roads to a pumpkin farm near Half Moon Bay.  You select your choice of pumpkins, […]

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Ottawa, Ontario

Some pictures from visiting FileMaker’s Ottawa Office and the surrounding city.  Click through for the full gallery:   

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Hoan and Quyen’s Wedding

Click through for my gallery of pictures from Hoan and Quyen’s wedding (October 20th, 2001):   

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Sierra collector

Hey Chris, I am probably one of many Sierra collectors out there that have contacted you, but I was wondering if you had any complete Sierra packaged, spare copies of Wrath of Denethenor laying around. I grew up on Sierra, and have recently (past few years) been on a rampage to collect all and everything […]

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