Mark’s Retirement Party

Mark organized a party to celebrate his retirement from FileMaker/Claris, gathering together old and new coworkers at K1 Speed in Santa Clara for some electric go kart racing.  The go kart racing was fun but it was really great to see everybody again!

I rented their provided cameras for the first two of our three runs.  The first run wasn’t captured (they didn’t start it properly) but here’s our second run:

Click through for the full gallery:

FileMaker and Benihana

Another one of our semi-traditional, usually end-of-project, FileMaker team lunches at Benihana in Sunnyvale.

Paul, Mark, David, me, Oleg, Andrew, David, Albert, Simon, Elaine, Stephen

Here’s an older one from 2007 (same location, but the wood has since been painted over white):

Me, Paul, David, David, Stephen, Oleg, Phat

But here’s the original.  This is the team picture we took for Glenn’s farewell dinner in May 1996:

Back row: Jon, Francis, Paul, Stu, Bill, Alexander, Kathy, Brian, Steve, Stephen, Tak Patrick, Clay, Patty, Chris and John. Bottom front row: Ken, Rob, me, Glenn, Bobbi and Keith.


Misc FileMaker Lunches

Just some miscellaneous shots from lunches with my coworkers at FileMaker.  The first set is just lunch at FileMaker up on the third story deck – hiding from the scorching sun on an unusually hot day:


IMG_0051 IMG_0052

And this second set is just from a couple of lunches out in the area – one with Clay, Paul and Simon at a local deli and another for dim sum with Stephen, Andrew, Frank, Albert and Clay:

IMG_0064 IMG_0069 IMG_0073 IMG_0074

Lunch @ Chuck’s Shop

In the early nineties at FileMaker, we would sometimes go for lunch at this great cheesesteak place near work, Steven’s Philly Cheesesteaks.  And the owner, Steve Gauthier, would often be there taking orders.  (We would privately refer to him as Chuck, aka Chuck Norris, given his similarities.  Yeah, the real Chuck Norris hasn’t aged so well…)  Well, years go by and some leave FileMaker… and many more years go by… and some return to FileMaker.  So this was a fun photo to take with Frank joining us again both at FileMaker and at Steven’s cheesesteak shop some 14 or so years later: