A Very Mysterious Package

A month ago I received a mysterious package containing a message in a bottle, clippings, printed emails, a pendant marked with symbols, a message written in pictographs and a modern nautical map of part of a certain part of the world.  (I’m being intentionally vague to prevent this from being easily found via search engines.)

It appears to be some sort of puzzle-solving game surrounding a lost treasure.  Seeing as how it arrived soon after my birthday, and how my brother was acting coy in denial, it would appear to be a gift in the form a puzzle game to solve!  Looking on the web, I saw that others have received these packages many months ago and have formed groups to try to solve them.  However, I’ve avoided looking too hard on the web since I don’t want to spoil the fun of figuring it out.

More recently, I received a second package containing hand-drawn, pseudo-aged map fragments, a contract between pirates, pages from a diary and more printed emails.  So… aye!  We have lost treasure and pirates!

Darlene and I finally spent some time on this last weekend and found that solving the code puzzle in the first package ended up pointing to the longitude and latitude of an island that was then confirmed in a diary page from the second package.  Seems strange to me that it works this way – that a solved puzzle is simply revealed in the later package.  Instead, I would expect solving one puzzle would lead to the key to another puzzle, rather than being simply given away.  We’ll see, I guess.

Without giving too much away, the contents of the second package made it possible to use the message in the bottle and the amulet to pinpoint another location on the modern nautical map, so we’ll see what comes of it.  That appears to be all there is to figure out so far.  There clearly must be at least one more package coming.

Update: Yes, a third package has arrived!  This one is pretty cool too.  A wooden box retrieved from the sand, containing an animal horn with carvings on it, all wrapped in oil cloth:


Surprisingly though, the carvings on one side of the horn only confirm what we previously solved in the first two packages.  (Drawing of the lines on the map and interpreting the message-in-a-bottle as to how to project from the intersection points of those lines.)  On the other side, it does have a little treasure map of the island marking out a trail to follow but I don’t yet see what we can do with it.  And I’m pretty sure we’re not expected to fly out to the location to investigate the island in person.

Another package to come?

Update: Oh, yes.


And now several theories confirmed, regarding both the content and the intention of the packages – which I will refrain from divulging to avoid spoiling anything for anybody, except to say… very cool!  Also, I guess my title for this post was much more apropos than I could have known.

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  • We too received this Very Mysterious Package. No one we know confesses to it. It also was very hard to find anything about it. I hope who ever got this for us made sure we get the rest of the packages.

    One of my daughters says it like a Scobby Do movie….lol

    by the way the scrimshawed animal horn is really a whales tooth.

    • Not to worry, you’ll get the series of packages… and find out who sent it. Enjoy your “Scooby mystery” and thanks for letting me know it’s a tooth! However, I’m concerned that you were able to find this post as I didn’t want to spoil anybody’s surprise; I just wanted to share it with friends. Can you tell me what search terms brought you here?

      • well it was not easy, ended up doing a search on [redacted!], found various pictures and started going through them. Found your picture on google. It did not spoil anything it help me understand what we got and what to expect

  • I too would love to get this for my husband for Christmas. searched everywhere but can’t seem to figure out how to order…. Any leads?

  • Glad you enjoyed it! Seemed like something you’d enjoy. 😊