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Pretty Kitties

Just a few pictures of Pan and Hera from over the past year:   

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Resi & Troy’s Baby Shower

Click on through for pictures from Resi & Troy’s baby shower this past weekend:

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Gorgeous Traffic Jam

Gorgeous sky while sitting in traffic on highway 17 (at 85 interchange)…

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My Landscaping, A Year Later

It’s been over a year since Terra Nova started work on my landscaping, replacing my traditional lawn with this no mow meadow garden.  It’s come along nicely and I think it suits this property well, blending in much better with the surrounding wild landscape:     

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Ride to Monterey

Earlier this week, Darlene and I made a little two-day, round-trip bike excursion to Monterey and back from Santa Cruz.  It worked out to about 101 miles round trip from my place in the hills near Scotts Valley.  We had actually intended to go down on Monday, hang out on Tuesday and return Wednesday but […]

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Halloween Night 2013

Pictures from a Halloween night out in Palo Alto – left to right, Martha, Maryanne, Darlene, me, Rachel and John:   

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Brought Home a Tesla!

Okay, well… half a Tesla.  ;-)  Tesla Motors supplies the battery and drivetrain for this vehicle, Toyota’s second generation RAV4 EV. Hey, but it’s shiny!  And fast!  And it goes much further on a charge than my 2011 Nissan LEAF:  folks say they get 120+ miles even at highway speeds.  This will be much more […]

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Norwegian Road Trip

After our week in Scotland, we were off to see a bit of Norway! (September 19th-30th, 2013)   Our first day was just an air travel day from Edinburgh through Heathrow and on to Oslo, with some extra time lost having to return to the airport to pick up our delayed baggage.  But the next […]

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A Week in Scotland

These are pictures from a weeklong trip touring central Scotland (September 12th-18th, 2013) with Darlene and her friends, Jane and Janie, before continuing on to Norway. I’ve organized the Scotland portion of the trip into three separate galleries: Days 1-3: Kingdom of Fife and Stirling Days 4-6: Loch Ness and the Highlands Days 6-7: Edinburgh

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Shiny Girl in Blue

Here are some pictures of Darlene and I trying out my new toy: a latex vacuum bed, from Kink Engineering.  I’ve long wanted to try one of these!  It’s a “bed” made of latex that you slide someone into and use a vacuum hose to suck out all the air, leaving your volunteer/victim shrink-wrapped and […]

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Sailing in Fuchsia

Just a couple of pics from an afternoon last Friday checking out the Loch Lomond reservoir and park in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  And yes, we were the proud crew of that fuchsia paddle boat!  We also hunted for a while for a nearby geocache but came up empty.   

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Perseids at the Pinnacles

Darlene and I camped out on the east side of Pinnacles National Park this past Sunday to watch the Perseids meteor shower. We had some fairly dark skies as Pinnacles is in a somewhat remote location. The glow of lights from Hollister and Salinas (about 25-ish miles away) were apparent to the north but the […]

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Pirates of Cache Creek 2013

Pictures and video from this year’s annual Pirates of Cache Creek event with the Outdoor Adventure Club – click through for the full gallery:  

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Pirate Prep

Dressed and on our way to the Pirates of Cache Creek weekend event with the OAC:    And Darlene discovers what happens when you rely on striped nylons for sun protection:

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Red Alert! Shields Up!

Got some friends together on Sunday to try out Artemis — a “spaceship bridge simulator” game where each person takes on a different role and we work together to successfully complete the mission: helm, weapons, science, engineering, communications, command.  We did have some “technical difficulties” and some “minor disasters” (our ship sometimes completely destroyed) but […]

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More Sailing in the SF Bay

Enjoyed another day of sailing on Saturday, July 20th with Darlene and her friends out of the OCSC Sailing Club.  We left from Berkeley and crossed the bay towards San Francisco and made our way around Treasure Island while watching some of the competitors in the America’s Cup. Click through for the full photo gallery and […]

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