More fun than watching a lawn grow?

What’s more fun than watching a lawn grow?
How about watching a lawn removed and replaced:


This is work-in-progress to transform my front landscape from the usual lawn-centric, high-maintenance, manicured look to a more natural grass/meadow landscape — and save my oak trees in the process.  It’s been taking a while but the end result will be something of a meadow garden using more native plants, lots of ornamental grasses and requiring much less maintenance and even less water once established.

The local company doing the work is Terra Nova Ecological Landscaping.  Here’s their blog.

Here’s some meadow garden examples:



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  • Hi, I am a friend of Ken’s and I will be teaching a class on sustainable landscaping, starting Feb 25 (info on my website). You are invited but also, could I use your film to show the class? Do you have photos of what it looks like now?