Days 3-4: Aurlandsfjord

We stayed for three nights in a converted apartment at a lovely farm near Aurland called Skahjem Gard. From here, we could do day excursions in the Aurlandsfjord area. On our first day, we hiked up and around a nearby waterfall in the valley before driving up the older windy mountain road to see the Stegastein Viewpoint — our first encounter of many of Norway's wonderfully-designed tourist road stops — they're all really impressive and architecturally creative! We continued on to the mountain plateau to go hike the higher ridges overlook the fjord — as well as locate some geocaches with spectacular views.

The next day we devoted to going back to nearby Flåm to rent some bikes and take the train back up to the top so we could ride a bit of the Rallarvegan bike route and take our time coming down and enjoying the length of the Flåm Valley. As it turns out, there was so much awesome scenery to take in that we ended up in a bit of rush at the end to return our bikes before they closed for the day.
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