Days 8-9: Geirangerfjord and Trollstigen

We arrived well after dark in Geiranger the night before so didn't get to see the spectacular entrance to this fjord valley but we did wake to an awesome view from our little cabin near the shore of the fjord. We had just the one full day to take in the area before we had to head back to Oslo, so we started out by going up to the roadside viewpoint and the "Queen's chair" — as well as eventually worked our way around to that hidden, precarious outcrop shown in many tourist photos (thanks to a tip and hand-drawn map from our cabin host).

We were able to get in a hike to a more remote and precarious viewpoint before driving back down to Geiranger for lunch and to jump in some kayaks in the late afternoon and paddle around the bend to see the incredible Seven Sisters waterfalls, among others. Wasn't a lot of water coming off the Seven Sisters today but they're still an awesome set of falls.

The next day we headed out on the long way around back to Oslo via the Trollstigen, the "Troll's Road". It was definitely a worthwhile way to go — fantastic mountain scenery all along and a couple more great Norwegian tourist road stops/viewpoints. We stopped in Lillehammer around sunset and took a driving break by walking around the ski jump structures, hunting down another geocache and stopping for dinner in town. We had another late night arrival in Oslo — the days are just too short!
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