Yearly Archives: 2003

Stephen and Vivian’s Baby Shower

Pictures from Stephen and Vivian’s baby shower, at my place – “yes, but where’s Vivian??”  Click on through for the full gallery:  

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Exploring Kaua’i

This is a collection of images from a trip to the island of Kaua’i in Hawai’i.  The first six days were part of an adventure tour group trip “Kayak and Hike Kauai” sponsored by and REI Adventures and provided by Kayak Kauai. Click through for the photo galleries:   

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Halloween at the Wellers

Lots of pictures from the Wellers’ 2003 Halloween party – click through for the full gallery:  

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Home Theater Upgrade: Sony VPL-HS20 Projector

Okay, back in February of 2002 I said I didn’t expect to upgrade my home theater projector until full HDTV resolution was available, but I spoke too soon. It looks like affordable full HDTV projector resolution is still years off, so I’ve just sprung for the new Sony VPL-HS20.  It boasts much improved contrast, more […]

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David’s Birthday

Click through for a gallery of pictures from a little gaming party for David’s birthday at my place:  

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Cheat myself back

Hiya.  I was wondering if you knew (or remembered) the offsets (and such) in the Apple ][ code for WoD to well, cheat. I got very far into WoD when I was 16 years old (I’m 33 now!). Somehow, my game disks (one of them?) became corrupted, and I couldn’t finish the game.  I recently […]

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Waterskiing on San Antonio Lake

Here’s some pictures and videos from a day out on San Antonio Lake in central California to try waterskiing with Ralph, Belinda, Jeanie and another friend of theirs.  Alas, I was not successful… and I feel like I about pulled my arms out of their sockets.  But riding the inflatable raft around was hysterically fun! […]

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Cache Creek Rafting/Camping

Here’s pictures from a weekend of super-fun, self-guided rafting on Cache Creek in Northern California with a bunch of friends and friends of friends.  Click on through for the full gallery:  

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South Fork American River Rafting

A day of rafting with Dave and Troy on the South Fork of the American River in some cold spring water courtesy of American Whitewater Expeditions.  Click on through for the full gallery of pictures:  

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Wrath of Denethenor

> Hey! > > I loved that game on the ’64. Almost finished it. Apparently, the only > thing I didn’t try was speaking “uren duir esex” from RIGHT NEXT to > Denethenor. :( Tried it from further back… I was under the impression > from “choose your steps wisely” and “approach like a whisper” […]

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Tahoe Ski Weekend

A ski weekend at Heavenly in Tahoe with Ralph, Belinda, Jeanie and friends.  Click on through for the full gallery of pictures and videos:   

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Exploring Costa Rica

This is a collection of images from a pair of trips booked through REI Adventures and provided by Costa Rica Sun Tours.  The first was their “Jungle and Sea Escape” from December 20-27, 2002 and the second was their “Costa Rica Multisport” trip from December 28 through January 4th, 2003.    

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