Rough Week for Pan

Pan was pretty content when I woke last Sunday morning (below left) — but I noticed he had a lump under his jaw — and there was a dead bat on the bedroom floor when I came home late Saturday night.


Yeah, a bat.  I suppose they caught it on the roof — they have a pet door upstairs so they can access the balcony and roof.  At least both he and Hera are current on their rabies shots.

So, the result of taking him to the vet is that they anesthetized him, took care of some overdue teeth cleaning, gave him a rabies update and installed a drain in the abscess that had to remain in place for the week.

That first night was a long one.  He was drugged out for the evening but then he started getting restless and wouldn’t tolerate the elizabethan collar — he kept pulling himself out of it.  He also seemed to hallucinate things now and again.  I didn’t get much sleep that night baby-sitting him.

Sometime early the next morning I finally remembered the cat body harness I had and was able to attach the elizabethan collar to it so he couldn’t remove it any more.

Not a happy or comfortable cat for the rest of the week until the drain and collar could finally be removed.  But he’s good and happy again now and healing fine.

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