Hera Panic Attack

*&%!#@!  I’ve just been freakin’ mauled!  By Hera.  She just sliced up my face, around my eye, down my nose.

She was laying next to me on the next chair and watching an episode of Castle with me on the big screen. I had been streaming it from my iPad and it had just ended and I started fiddling around with it in AirPlay mode (everything on the iPad is mirrored up on the big screen).  So I happened to call up some old photos and videos and started playing one of Pan from a year or more ago.  It’s sort of a first person, low angle video where I was getting him to hunt towards the camera.  So Hera apparently looked up to see a FIVE FOOT TALL image of Pan looking down with wide, hunting-mode eyes looking into the camera and then he lunges for the camera…

Well, this causes Hera to leap up next to me in a mad panic and climb directly up and over me to escape and run away, cutting open my face in the process and leaving me shocked and bloody.  Luckily she missed my eyes. I’ve got cuts across my eyelid and under my eye, a small cut near my ear and a long gash down my nose. So now I’m propped up in bed waiting for my wounds to clot up a bit after rinsing them out.  I guess I’m going to have to bandage it up to avoid getting blood on my pillow in the night.  These wounds are going to look great for days….

Geez Louise,  Hera!!!

Here’s the offending ten seconds of video that I think freaked Hera out.  I don’t suggest projecting it up on a wall, larger than life, if your own kitties are nearby:

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