Ew, gross.

Came home today to find the remains of a mouse in the living room.  (Just head and entrails, how nice.) Yesterday I had to chase Pan out several times once again with the live lizards he’d brought in to play with.

I may have to rethink their free access to the pet door if I can’t break them of this.  Or maybe move it to the upstairs for the roof/balcony where they can’t catch anything.

Update: Just a day later, I hear Pan come in with something through the pet door in the evening. Yep, a little mouse, still alive of course.  This got Hera’s attention quick and as they proceeded to chase it along the wall I went to get a box or towel or *something* to retrieve it and toss it back outside.

Only… by the time I came round with something, it was gone.  No sign.  And Hera sitting there licking her chops. Swallowed whole, apparently.  (Thankfully.)

Actually, that’s not entirely true.  I did find a tiny bit of something on the floor to clean up.  A millimeter or two in size but I wasn’t going to examine it too closely to identify it.


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