Yearly Archives: 2004

Exploring the USS Hornet

While Glenn and Michele were visiting this past weekend, we decided to go check out the USS Hornet, on permanent display in Alameda.  Click through for the gallery of pictures:   

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Halloween at FileMaker

Click through for a gallery of images from the Halloween festivities at FileMaker this year:  

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Double Halloween Birthday Celebration

Lots of costumes on another double birthday Halloween celebration for Kathie and Patty – with Dave, Clay, Buck, Gina, Keith, Troy and the Grinch.  (Most of the pictures are from Dave.)    (Click through for the photo gallery.)

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Yay, Fan Mail!

— On 9/15/04 11:31 AM, space aliens may have forced Gordon to write:  Hi Chris! Just wanted to thank you for the great game and the memories that went along with it…my friends and I loved this game. Just out of curiosity…why did you never make any other games? Your game albeit looking somewhat like […]

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Burning Man

Pictures from my first Burning Man experience!  So what is Burning Man? Oh geez.  Well… it’s this massive yearly gathering in the high desert north of Reno, Nevada. It’s a festival of art and creativity, of community and self-expression. It’s a temporary city where commerce is not permitted, giving is widespread and people meet each other through their […]

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Exploring Southcentral Alaska

This is a collection of images from a three week trip to the southcentral portion of Alaska.  The first six days were booked with Alaska Wildland Adventures to explore the Kenai Pennisula and involved a series of separate guided day excursions while staying at a couple of lodges. (This flexibility was helpful since a different outfitter cancelled […]

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Rafting/Camping on South Fork American River

Click through for a gallery of pictures from a weekend of rafting and camping on the South Fork of the American River with my brother Glenn and his wife Michele, her brother Matt and his son Tyler:  

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Scale Model Air Show

Click through for a gallery of pictures from a visit to a show at the Santa Clara County Model Aircraft Skypark with the Krull family:   

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“So I finally found the creator”

Date: Thursday, July 15, 2004 6:08 PM Subject: So I finally found the creator of The Wrath of Denethenor :) Mr. Crim, Hello!  As a young boy I remember your game for the Apple II.  My best friend and I grew up on roleplaying games like Ultima and were QUITE intimidated by your game.  Anyhow, I just […]

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Crucible Fire Arts Festival

Click through for pictures and video clips from enjoying the Crucible Fire Arts Festival (July 10th, 2004) in Oakland with Bonnie and her friend:  

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Rafting/Camping on Cache Creek

A gallery of pictures from a weekend of rafting and camping on Cache Creek in Northern California:  

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Buck’s Birthday Cruise

Click through for a gallery of pictures from Mike’s (aka, Buck’s) 40th birthday party and cruise aboard the “Hawaiian Chieftain” in the San Francisco Bay:  

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