Stained Glass Warrior

Look what Michele (my sister-in-law) made for me!!  Of course this means that now I’m going to need to buy a house with a big sunny picture window to hang it in… but that’s okay!  (This picture was taken at Michele’s parents house.)

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Bill Coyle

thanks for the original picture. I thought that she was holding a sword. It turns out to be a bow

Bill Coyle

I would like to make this for my daughter. She considers herself a warrior. The images that are posted are a little to small to make a good pattern. We also have a black cat. name is zek.

Bill Coyle

I love this pattern. I’d like to do this for my daughter. Sort of sounds hokey, but this is how I picture my daughter. Any chance that I could get the pattern?


Hi Bill – I made this for Chris. I no longer have the pattern. I just made the pattern myself based on an image/drawing that Chris sent me. I just drew the pattern in a way that seemed like I could cut glass to match. Chris might still have that original image I used. It was a fun project!

Bill Coyle

maybe you could ask her?