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Preston and Courtney’s Wedding

Just a handful of pictures from Preston (Darlene’s nephew)’s wedding with Courtney – click through for the full gallery:


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New Years Eve Gaming Day

We got a fun crowd together for gaming on New Year’s Eve day with Roland, Troy, Rachel, Dan, Kevin, Vanessa and myself:

And we got in games of Terraforming Mars, Raptor, Deception, Viral, Splendor, Bang! – The Dice Game and King of Tokyo!

Click through for the full gallery:


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Frie Family Halloween Gathering

It was Darlene’s turn to host her family’s holiday gathering this year in Wisconsin – Halloween-themed this time.  Click through for the full gallery:


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Darlene’s Almost Nearly 50th

Click through for pictures and video from Darlene’s almost nearly 50th birthday party!

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Kathie’s Birthday

Pictures from last night’s Halloween/birthday dinner party for Kathie – with Dave, Rachel, Dan, Lisa, Kevin, Vanessa, Darlene and myself:



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Keith and Matha’s Wedding

Click through for my photo gallery from Keith and Matha’s wedding (May 15th, 2016):

The “FileMaker Family Group Shot”

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In Memory of Gina Grandolfo

I’m posting here to share a collection of images of Gina that I’ve gathered together in this photo stream:

I’ll add to it if I find more pictures.  Here’s information on her memorial life celebration, this Sunday, March 20th.

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Halloween Night 2015


Mike & Nanci hosted a Halloween party at their place in San Jose this year.  Mike showed he was practicing to be a member of the Blue Man Group and Nanci tried to make rain as El Nino but it was more of a dribble.  I showed up as an Arabian desert prince with my lovely genie-of-the-lamp, Darlene.

Click through for the rest of the picture gallery.

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Glenn’s 45th Birthday

My brother, Glenn, decided to run 45 miles over the week of his birthday, starting with a half-marathon and culminating with the final five miles to an eatery in downtown Portland specializing in fresh-baked pies.  (Mmmm… pies….)

He made this commitment before he came down with a bronchial infection or knew that he’d have some nasty windy and rainy weather to run through during the week. However, with the aid of a mélange of drugs and the hesitant okay from his doctor, he ran the miles anyway and some of us joined him for his final five miles… and pie!!

Here’s his take on the experience

Click through below for my pictures:


We also happened to catch the Portland Lighted Christmas Ship Parade on Sunday night:

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Erin & Greg’s Baby Shower

Click through for pictures from Erin and Greg’s baby shower:


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