New Shiny!!

Look at my new shiny! An all electric Nissan LEAF. Yay!

After a test drive of the LEAF at the SF Auto Show in November last year and discovering what a fun, surprisingly-roomy little vehicle it was, I knew I wanted to drive electric, even if it meant giving up my Audi A3.

Unfortunately, I also discovered that the waiting list was already closed, so I immediately jumped on the reservation list for the still-under-development Tesla Model S instead.  But this week I found out that I could take home an “orphaned” LEAF immediately despite the waiting list (though, for a premium).  This is a vehicle that somebody ordered but then decided to back out of – the dealers are selling them to other buyers willing to pay a little extra.  So I get to enjoy it while still waiting to see what comes of the Tesla Model S.

Awesome! Driving electric now!


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