“I say let his WRATH be REBORN!”

Date: June 12, 2006 4:34:21 PM PDT
Subject: I say let his WRATH be REBORN!!!!

Hello Christopher,

Found your website on yahoo doing a search (just for the hell of it) for Wrath of Denethenor – a game that I still enjoy and that ranks high on my list…


Every other game I have played (I’m 33 now and still enjoy RPGs but hell, they don’t pay the bills!) just is in my mind either a cheap immitation, or just don’t do it quite the same.

I still have my old Apple IIc (the damn thing still works!) with working copies of Wrath– and Uhh… I just beat it again a few weeks ago, except now I’m just too damn good at it.

One of my favourite things to do on that game, is kill everyone in Dry Gulch – oh, and I usually kill all the kings too. I waste people left and right on there. But I always kept Mount Karibae and one other city open because they have weapons or trading shops I need.

I also always waste that guy in castle Solrain who says “The chef’s cooking sucks!”

I am writing my own fantasy fiction actually – and the last time I played Denethenor I played as one of the characters from my fiction.

Anyways, I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed this game quite a bit. (I have 3 backup copies of it too). In fact, on my Macintosh, I have an Apple II emulator with Wrath of Denethenor as one of the titles on it. Along with Ultima III, but someone ported Ultima III to the Macintosh (www.lairware.com )

Maybe you can give this guy the rights to port Wrath of Denethenor to the Mac?

Anyways, wanted to drop you a line. I’ve always enjoyed that game. Still high on my list of all time favourites!

God bless! :-)


Hello again Christopher,

Just one thing I had to laugh at from your website…

CastleDrawn is a bizarre fortress located on the northern-most portion of the eastern arm of Arveduin. The player must patiently follow the passageways of CastleDrawn to reach the wizards who will tell of the spells Lethren, Wethrir, Desapar, and Elresire. But while following the passage of CastleDrawn, the player will encounter several hordes of evil-hearted wizards who are completely invulnerableno magic or quantity of force can ever destroy this lot. The player must make use of Inslerete or Monsrol in order to pass.”

   I always manage to waste ALL of those wizards! I go to CastleDrawn now JUST to kill them! But then I always kill on that game! I’m surprised it doesn’t make me the NEW “Denethenor” the way I clean house! (heheh!) Anyways, I cast RESONIM to cause the fields of demon glow to vanish. And since those angry wizards are programmed to follow your every step I take a position that causes them to enter the areas where the demon glow was so when it reappears they all get fried. I just keep doing this until they’re all dead. And for those few idiots who do manage to survive, hand to hand always works because in the beginning of the game, after I get wisdom from Solrain, then kill him and empty his vault I then go to Dry Gulch and depopulate the place. By this time I have usually acquired enough money to buy a rapier early on! Then to make up for the expense of the rapier I go and rob the bank of deledain and kill everyone there too. I just wish there was a way for me to throw those wizards silly asses for a change. Anyways…

That is one question:

I always did wonder why you never added a “throw” spell to the game. But then I figure from my own experience, programming computers was, and is still a SCIENCE unto itself! But I always did wish there was a spell like that. I’d love to throw some Worgrecs around! heheh!

Anyways, I just had to laugh about that.



Hi James,

Sorry for the huge delay (almost a year!  Man, have I got some old email to attend to!!), but thanks so much for your kind comments!  Itís always great to hear from people who enjoyed the game.  And itís fun to hear references to places in the game!

Yeah, Iíve messed around with some Apple II emulators on my Mac too — mostly just to see my old game run on it.  Of course, now with the Intel-based Macs, weíll need someone to put together new emulators.

Anyway, to answer your question, I donít think there would be a lot of interest in these old graphic adventures/rpgs given what is possible today and actually, I donít think I even have the rights to it anyway.  On the other hand, I havenít been paying attention to what happened to Sierra On-Line….

Thanks again for writing and sorry for the year-late reply!

– Christopher

 Hello Christopher,

Hey! Glad to hear back from you. Yeah, I’m slow to answer email too as you can see. heheh!

I wonder how you’d check into who has the rights now. I’m sure they’d probably just let you have it or something. I even thought about checking into who has the rights to it so the game could be somehow revived! Hell, if they can do it with Castle Wolfenstein (as they have 10 times over! I still love the old Apple II version the best and I still have it too!) I don’t see why not.

Even stuff like the old Zork still has a place with me. When you READ what is going on and you have to picture it in your head. I was a bit bummed the last time I played a Zork game and the whole damn thing was graphics. Isn’t that what Zork is NOT supposed to be?

You still got some classic gamers out here like me. I love Final Fantasy VII on Playstation, and I’ve beaten Chrono Cross on Playstation every possible way you can take- and I’ve seen all the endings at least twice! In spite of that, games like Ultima III and Wrath are still my all time faves!


I hope you don’t mind, but I’m well into writing my novel. And some of the city names I’ve used in my novel are references to “Wrath”. I even have a black unicorn named “Shadowmere” in my story. But those little references are my little “omage” to Wrath of Denethenor.

I wish there could be a SEQUEL!

Anyways, I don’t know what other people say about that game. But that game is still one I’m extremely fond of. I definitely plan to keep a classic OS Mac environment in my house so I can always have that game on my machine. Some of the newer games are graphical masterpieces. But they just don’t hit me the same. I mean I bought Final Fantasy VIII on 9.9.99– the day it was released. I’m still on disc two on my first time through. It’s just not a game that has grabbed me even though the graphics (at the time) were top notch. These days the only RPGs I play of modern times are Japanese ones- many of the American ones are just cliches of themselves any more. But I’ll never get tired of games like “Ultima III” or “Wrath”. I’m thinking of buying two more older OS 9-based Macs and keeping them in hock so I can always have my classic games on a Mac at the least. But for now, my old Apple IIc still works just fine. The monitor is finally biting the dust. But luckily the Apple IIc had an RCA monitor port, so it will plug into a TV just fine. On a 20–something inch TV screen, it pixelates a bit but hey, you’re right in the action!

Anyways… yeah I know Sierra was still around 8 years ago but I admit I haven’t payed them much attention so they could be making whoopie cushions these days for all I know. Back in the day when they were still Sierra-On Line, they did put out some good games. Hell, I even have some of those silly graphic adventures they put out. Even the Dark Crystal one! (I got a whole box full of floppies with all kinds of games for my Apple II machine). Why not check into it and see who has the rights? Maybe you can sell them to Sony and we can see a PSX version! heheh!

Can you imagine Denethenor as a 3D CGI character and you have to sneak up behind his ass and say “URINDUIRESEX” or something like that? heheh! (I THINK I got that right!) OK, that’s geeky. While I’m being “geeky”…


OK, that’s enough. That’s even too “geeky” for me! (LOL!)

Anyways, it was good to hear back from you. I kind of wondered if you did anything else since then or if you considered doing something now? Who knows.

I gotta run for now. But talk to ya soon! :-)

God bless,

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