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Misc Photos of 2008

Just a few random, miscellaneous photos from the year… first of Glenn and Michele: And then Rachel and Kevin and bunny:    And then of Christie and Deborah:  

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More Cat Pics

Hera was meant to be a companion for Eris, now that Gaea is gone, but one year on there’s really only detente.  They’re definitely not buddies – and Eris keeps losing weight as she gets older and more frail:       

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Another Ski Weekend in Tahoe

Pictures and video clips from another early season ski weekend with the Bay Area Outdoor Adventure Club at Sugar Bowl and Northstar:  

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FileMaker Holilday Lunch

Click through for a gallery of pictures from FileMaker Engineering’s 2008 holiday lunch and “white elephant” gift exchange:  

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Ski Weekend without Snow

First ski weekend of the season with the Bay Area Outdoor Adventure Club – still a great time, even with just one run to do over and over and over again at Northstar!  

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Stained Glass Warrior

Look what Michele (my sister-in-law) made for me!!  Of course this means that now I’m going to need to buy a house with a big sunny picture window to hang it in… but that’s okay!  (This picture was taken at Michele’s parents house.) Click here for the gallery of “making of” pictures:   

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Misc FileMaker Lunches

Just some miscellaneous shots from lunches with my coworkers at FileMaker.  The first set is just lunch at FileMaker up on the third story deck – hiding from the scorching sun on an unusually hot day:   And this second set is just from a couple of lunches out in the area – one with Clay, […]

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Simon Leads

Simon leads me and Mike on a tour from his home in Santa Cruz on some of the trails behind the UCSC campus and over into Wilder Ranch:  

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Halloween at FileMaker

Click through for a gallery of pictures from Halloween at FileMaker this year:  

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Deborah’s Birthday Hike

Pictures from Deborah’s birthday hike to Tomales Point and through the Tule Elk Reserve at Pt. Reyes National Seashore:  

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Halloween at the Wellers

Click through for the full gallery of images from the Wellers’ Halloween party:   

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Dim Sum Time Again

Just some poor photos from a recent work lunch outing for dim sum with Clay, Stephen, Albert, Tom and of course Frank in charge of accepting items for our table!  

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Talk Like a Pirate

For the International “Talk Like a Pirate” Day.  Or preferably dress like a pirate:

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Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne River

This is a collection of pictures from a four day backpacking trip down the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne River in Yosemite National Park with the Bay Area Outdoor Adventure Club:  

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Cycling Prague to Budapest

This is a collection of images from a ten-day cycling trip from Prague to Budapest, organized through REI Adventures.  We journeyed through the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria and Hungary. Click on through for the full galleries, including some short video clips:  

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Eris in Old Age

Here’s some miscellaneous shots of Eris this year. It’s clear she’s feeling her old age – 16 or 17 years now. She’s also lost a lot of weight and doesn’t have much of an appetite any more. Click through for the full gallery:  

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