Yearly Archives: 1996

Kenya, Tanzania and Climbing Kilimanjaro

These collections of images are from a trip I took with REI Adventures to Eastern Africa in December, 1996. Nairobi & The Road to Tanzania Kilimanjaro Climb The Serengeti (Part One) A Balloon Ride The Serengeti (Part Two) A Maasai Village Ngorongoro Crater The Rift Valley  

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Sailing the Bay

Sailing with (from left to right) David, Jeff, Tycho and Kathy on the San Francisco Bay:

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Backpacking in Zion National Park

This was a backpacking trip in July with Hoan, Huy, Corey, and Jason into the Kolob Canyons in the northeastern part of the park. I arrived a few days earlier and so I wandered up the Zion Narrows for a few hours. This incredibly deep and narrow canyon runs for many miles and the river itself […]

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Buck and Gina’s Wedding

Pictures from Mike (Buck) and Gina’s Wedding – click through for the full gallery:   

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Descending on Disneyland

Clay, Patty, David and I descend on Disneyland and meet up with my college friends Corey and Hoan, as well as Mike (Buck) and Gina.  I’ve just scanned in these old pictures and I haven’t been able to narrow down the date.  I’m pretty sure it was a little before June 1996. Click through for the full […]

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