Yay, Fan Mail!

— On 9/15/04 11:31 AM, space aliens may have forced Gordon to write:

 Hi Chris!

Just wanted to thank you for the great game and the memories that went along with it…my friends and I loved this game.

Just out of curiosity…why did you never make any other games? Your game albeit looking somewhat like Ultima very original in many ways (animated characters and other touches).  Have you made any shareware or hobby games since then?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Gordon,

Thanks for writing and I’m glad to hear you enjoyed it.

I never wrote another game because I’ve been doing other software engineering full time since college (on FileMaker Pro 1.0-7.0) and I’m just not motivated to spend that much more time on the computer than I already do outside of work!  (As you can see, I can’t even keep up on my personal email!)

The only shareware I did was a module for Now Software’s “Now Fun!” title, but what I did was just a utility to customize the colors on the old Macintosh System 8 — I think, or was it 7?!  Anyway, that’s all.  FileMaker keeps me pretty busy!

Thanks again,


Wrath of Denethenor – Cheat myself back

Hiya.  I was wondering if you knew (or remembered) the offsets (and such) in the Apple ][ code for WoD to well, cheat.
I got very far into WoD when I was 16 years old (I’m 33 now!).
Somehow, my game disks (one of them?) became corrupted, and I couldn’t finish the game.  I recently downloaded an Apple ][ emulator and found roms to your game!
(Is this ok?)  Anyway, I’d like to cheat myself back to where I was, or at least remove the stamina reduction over time functionality and such.  The “Applewin” program seems to have a decent debugger.. though I’m racking my brain to remember 6502 assembly language. =)
I know it’s been a LONG time, but if you remember anything, I’d appreciate it.
Thanks for writing such a great game.  Playing it again brings back some great memories.


Geez… talk about a backlog of old email….  sorry for the (yikes!) year long delay!Thanks for writing and thanks for your interest in WoD.

Here are some of the key offsets from the character file.  (No, I most definitely am not recalling this from memory!!)  I believe all the values were in BCD (binary coded decimal) — in other words, 255 would be represented in hex as “0255” not “00FF”.  hit points: bytes 26 & 27,  stamina: 28 && 29,  gold: 30 & 31


– Chris

Hehe, I was wondering why you never responded. ;)

Thanks for the answer!

Take care,


ps. I have some great memories of some of the first games I’ve ever really loved when I was just getting into computers in my teens.  Thanks for one of them.

Wrath of Denethenor

> Hey!
> I loved that game on the ’64. Almost finished it. Apparently, the only
> thing I didn’t try was speaking “uren duir esex” from RIGHT NEXT to
> Denethenor. :( Tried it from further back… I was under the impression
> from “choose your steps wisely” and “approach like a whisper” and “the
> unspoken spell” that it had to do with a step pattern, and hitting the
> “say” button, then f7 to make it say “nothing.” Oh well. It was a fun game
> in any case.
> I’m also a Mac dude, so have had experience with old Claris works. Did see
> your name in the credits… :D
> Ethan Larson

Hi Ethan,

Thanks for your message.  I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the game!  You certainly were awfully close to finishing it — just a couple of steps away!

Thanks again,