Ordered a New Car!

I’ve ordered a new car! It’s the very fun-to-drive, five door Audi A3 with the 3.2L V6 and all wheel drive (Quattro). Unfortunately, all the 3.2’s in the western United States have the “open sky” roof option and I’m too tall for that. So, I had to order one and wait for production, overseas shipment, delivery, etc.

Most of these pictures are of the 2.0L front wheel drive version – fun, but it didn’t make me smile like the amazing low end torque on the 3.2 version which also has the sport suspension of the S-line package…. sweet! And this little guy has enough room that I can sit behind the driver’s seat adjusted for me! (Heh, why would I give up the driver seat though!?) It’s actually faster and handles better than my Supra, has better mileage, has all wheel drive and is tons more practical with a real back seat and I can even sit up straight in the driver’s seat without hitting the roof!

Now… which color??


Update (4/29/2006): And here it is, on arrival four months later:

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