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9200 GigaWatts, Baby!

Okay, well… more like 9200 basic watts, but still…. So one of the first things I wanted to do when I finally bought a house was put in a solar PV system. My system consists of forty SunPower E18 230 watt panels. For the fastest return on investment, you want to size a system based […]

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First Ski Weekend of the Season

Pictures from the first ski weekend of the season (Dec 17-18, 2011) in Tahoe at Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows with the Outdoor Adventure Club and Greg, Erin, Elizabeth and Vanessa.  Not a lot of snow, but plenty of fun!   

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Don’t drag her into this

Siri is very cool but this… *this* is very funny:

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Lunar Eclipse

This morning’s lunar eclipse… I liked how I could just step out on the balcony to see it too.

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What a pretty sight!

Gotta love that negative sign: (That’s my PG&E electric meter running backwards to the tune of almost 5000 watts!  Yeah, baby!)

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Riding Skeggs

This is a short video montage (2.4 minutes, 44.4 MB) I put together from a big group ride in Skeggs (El Corte de Madera) with the South Bay Mountain Bike Group (via  

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A Holiday Classic on Ice

That’s right, I’m talking about… James Cameron’s “Aliens” … on Ice! Alas, it’s only being performed in Austin.

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Claris Reunion Lunch

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Forty SunPower panels sitting in my driveway… woot!  Installation starts today!

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The Internet is Coming! The Internet is Coming!

No, it’s true!  I can see it! Okay, so in reality they’re working well away from the house down the utility pole line.  But they’re on their third day now.  It’s coming!  It’s coming! See, it’s like this.  The previous owners built this house on a little hill and both power and phone lines were […]

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