Ghost Bear Visit

I noticed a curious thing on the Tahoe house front camera after a recent snowfall: first a pristine layer of snow across the driveway and then, a little later, a set of tracks across the driveway and *directly* under the camera….. but no recording of the creature that left them. This camera triggers a recording every time a passing car’s headlights even just illuminates the driveway and yet… no recording of the mysterious creature.  Spooky!

Now given the size and shape of the footprints, and how they lead under the front porch, there can be only one conclusion: it was a visit by the ghost bear!!

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2 years ago

My sister took a photo of our fire during a recent family vacation in the Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania. In the photo …next to the flames …appears to be a ghost bear. That’s what it looks like to ME anyway. (The Pocono Mountains are home to many black bears) I could email you the photo if you’d like?