Darlene is a Pinball Wizard

Darlene is a pinball wizard!  We discovered this while out for a mountain bike ride at Ford Ord National Monument, near Monterey, CA on Friday:


And here’s a little more video of our ride:


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The "Pinball"
8 years ago

Ummmmm are you sure that’s me? I’m sorry but I don’t remember wearing pink or blue that day!?!

(That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

8 years ago
Reply to  The "Pinball"

Yeah, whatever… ;-)

You know… the best thing is watching this video over and over, when overtired, late at night, until cracking up: hearing you cry out at each crazy change of direction, the sound of pinball bumpers and you bouncing around out-of-control until you topple over in a fit of laughter… it’s awesome!