Yearly Archives: 2007

Misc FileMaker-Related Pictures

Just a gallery of miscellaneous FileMaker-related pictures over the year, including visiting the Ottawa office, a team project-launch lunch and the end-of-year holiday lunch. Click through for the full gallery:   

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Riding Russian Ridge

I usually don’t think to bring my camera along mountain biking, but I did while visiting Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve with the Mere Mortals group this time:  

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Thanksgiving at the Riggles

Thanksgiving dinner with Dave, Kathie, Linda, Clay, Patty and Troy:    

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Riggles’ Old Kitties Home

With extended age, Gaea has developed the habit of no longer using her litter box.  Over the last year she’s been regularly peeing in several different locations throughout my home and none of many different remedies has put a stop to it.  She’s not only ruined the carpet but damaged some walls and the floor beneath. But thankfully, in July, […]

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A New Cat Companion

After checking out a few older cats from various adoption sources, I’ve brought home a new cat from the Humane Society.  I’ve renamed her Hera, after the Greek goddess.   Ostensibly she’s meant as a companion for Eris now that Gaea is no longer here – but that hasn’t worked out so well.  Even after the […]

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Halloween at the Wellers

My brother was still in town for a visit and could join me for the tradition of the yearly Halloween party at the Wellers:   

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Halloween at the Drugges

A sci-fi themed Halloween party hosted by Kelli and Brian Drugge.  

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Halloween at FileMaker

Click on through for pictures from the Halloween festivities at FileMaker, Inc this year:  

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A Ride out to Drawbridge

My brother and I make a little excursion out to the ghost town of Drawbridge, near Alviso, CA.  And Glenn gets in a little deeper than he intended!  Click through for the gallery:  

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Runs With Daggers (and Cats)

A couple of pictures illustrating Eris’s efforts to help me with my Halloween costume and construct my Run With Daggers guild tabard:   

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