A New Cat Companion

After checking out a few older cats from various adoption sources, I’ve brought home a new cat from the Humane Society.  I’ve renamed her Hera, after the Greek goddess.

DSC_3027 DSC_3021

Ostensibly she’s meant as a companion for Eris now that Gaea is no longer here – but that hasn’t worked out so well.  Even after the very difficult first few weeks of conflict has passed, it’s clear that Eris is not at all happy with another cat in the house.  D’oh.

IMG_0023.JPG DSC_3029

Hera’s records are spotty so it’s not clear if she’s four or seven years old.  She’s apparently been given up for adoption multiple times because she has some stomach issues and tends to cough up stomach fluid a lot.  But she’s also a very friendly and beautiful cat – and super strong!  I was tempted to choose Artemis (the hunter) as her namesake but, even knowing better, the name still sounds masculine to me.

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