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Animating Old Photos

I just tried out this new deep learning tech, Deep Nostalgia, on a couple of old photos of our parents.  You give it an old still photo and it generates a “Live Photo” animation from it – pretty freaky:



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Bishop/Mammoth Burger King Crew (1983-86?)

Photos from hanging out with the Lee family’s Burger King crew over a few years – click through for the full gallery:


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Family Photo Albums (1974-1984+)

This is a collection of various different photo galleries from 1974 through 1984 (so far):

1974-78: Altadena (Sonoma Drive)

Glenn went to the Firehouse Preschool and then Luther Burbank Elementary for Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd grade while I went to Luther Burbank for 3rd and St. Marks for 4th-6th grade.


1979: Altadena (Poppyfields Drive)

Glenn went to St. Marks for 3rd grade and part of 4th grade and I went to John Muir for 7th and started 8th at Elliot, before we moved to Bishop at the end of 1979.


Summer 1979: Eastern Sierra Road Trip

These are pictures from a summer road trip in 1979 through the Eastern Sierra as far north as Lake Tahoe and Virginia City – but mostly pictures of Bodie!  (This was our pre-cursor and sort of scouting trip before moving to Bishop in late 1979.)


1979-1984: Bishop (Mesquite Road)

We moved to Bishop in December of 1979.  Glenn finished 4th grade and then 5th at Bishop Elementary, then 6th-8th at Home Street Middle School while I finished 8th grade at Home Street before going 9th through 12th at Bishop High.


1980-1984: Boy Scout Trips and Events

Photos from various Boy Scout trips and events from 1980-84 while we were living in Bishop:


1984+: Bishop (Tumbleweed Drive)

We moved to nearby Tumbleweed Road in early 1984. Glenn finished 8th grade and then went through high school at Bishop High while I finished 12th and went off to UC Irvine, visiting during holidays and the first couple of summers.


Newspaper Clippings

Some newspaper clipping featuring me and my brother.


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Newspaper Clippings

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