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Bald Eagle Chicks

While wandering the Eastern Sierra around Bishop and Mammoth, Darlene and I came across a high vantage point along the Owens River Gorge overlooking a bald eagles nest – with chicks!  We came back the next morning and waited around a couple of hours – long enough to see the second parent eagle bring back a meal to feed the chicks:

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On the Mississippi

Pictures and video from a week of visiting with Darlene’s family along the Mississippi River on the border of Minnesota and Wisconsin. We also visited an eagle rehabilitation center in Wabasha, a limestone cave near Harmony (Niagara Cave), enjoyed a dinner cruise on a paddle wheel boat out of La Crosse, went riding some all terrain vehicles through the mud and visited some llamas.


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Eagles Flying

Just wanted to highlight a really wonderful live raptor show, “Eagles Flying” at the Irish Raptor Centre in County Sligo, Ireland.  Click on through for some video and pictures from a visit to this awesome bird sanctuary during my recent visit to Ireland with Glenn and Michele:


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