The Internet is Coming! The Internet is Coming!

No, it’s true!  I can see it!

Okay, so in reality they’re working well away from the house down the utility pole line.  But they’re on their third day now.  It’s coming!  It’s coming!

See, it’s like this.  The previous owners built this house on a little hill and both power and phone lines were run up a series of utility poles the long way around, despite there being houses just below in another direction.  With power.  And phone lines.

Anyway… so they didn’t want to pay the significant cost for Comcast to run up the long way along these utility lines and just made do with DSL for internet access.  But at just 1.5 Mbps, that’s not really cutting it for everything that’s possible via the net today.  So I had to pony up a third of Comcast’s cost to get them to run their cable up here…  again, the looong way round.  But here it comes!

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