Ski Road Trip to Jackson Hole/Yellowstone

This is a video montage from a December 1990 ski trip/road trip from various parts of California to Jackson, Wyoming with Hoan, Huy, and Corey and picking up my brother Glenn from Reno on the way.

The weather was so cold that Jackson Hole shut down lift operations for a couple of days and so we ended up renting snowmobiles to go into Yellowstone National Park.  That was a lot of fun but we ended up paying nearly the cost of a snowmobile in late charges after Huy inadvertently drove his over an embankment.  Oh, and did I mention that I pissed off a bison into charging?  We also made an attempt at snow sledding one day using a plastic tarp – but gave up after a while due to the intense wind and cold.


(re-edited in July 2020, 7.5 minutes, 114 MB download)

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