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RV Tips, Upgrades and Customizations

My 2016 Leisure Travel Vans Unity, aka The Traveling Cat Adventure Vehicle

I’m maintaining this page to share information about the various upgrades and customizations I made over the years to my 2016 Leisure Travel Vans “Unity” RV to hopefully help others wanting to do similar things.  Another great source of information for all sorts of Sprinter-based camper vans is the Sprinter-Source forum and specifically for Leisure Travel Vans and the Unity, see the Sprinter-Source Unity subforum.

This model is a 2016 LTV Unity 24TB (Twin Bed) 25 ft. campervan/RV, built on a 2015 Mercedes Sprinter diesel-powered chassis. (Here’s more on how I came to buy this unit and here’s a page of my shopping/comparison notes from 2016.)

I should clarify that Darlene and I used this RV almost always “dry camping” (or “boondocking”) without hookups for water or electricity.  While this sometimes involves staying in state or national park campgrounds, we much prefer camping out on open land in national park, forest or BLM lands.  (Here’s a tag to all my posts on our RV travels.)

I ended up selling our Unity in 2020.  We had a good time with the Unity, but our two biggest wishes were to 1) have internal storage for our mountain bikes and 2) downsize to a smaller, more off-road-capable camper van, which would also allow us to park a little more easily in busy metro areas.  We did take the Unity out on dirt roads a lot but we were often of course constrained on just how rugged the road could actually get with a vehicle of this size and length.  I bought a Ford Transit van, had it converted to four wheel drive by QuadVan and it’s now in the process of being built out as a campervan by Van Haus Conversions.  Things have been delayed due to Covid-19 but I’ll be posting some build progress pictures soon.

Alright, on to the tips, fixes, upgrades and customizations for the Leisure Travel Vans Unity (and similar RV models):

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