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Talk Like a Pirate

For the International “Talk Like a Pirate” Day.  Or preferably dress like a pirate:

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Northern California Pirates Faire

Click through for pictures from a day at the Northern California Pirates Faire in Vallejo, CA:


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Pirates of Cache Creek 2007

Avast Mateys! It’s a pirate expedition with the Bay Area Outdoor Adventure Club at Cache Creek:
two days of marauding, rafting, camping, and pillaging!


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Argh! There Be Pirates!

Click through for a gallery of pictures from a party at the Wellers for the opening of the second “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie:


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A Behind-the-Scenes Tour at the San Francisco Zoo

A fun behind-the-scenes tour courtesy of Bronwyn’s coworkers at the San Francisco Zoo.  (And I’m in pirate costume in prep for a Pirates of the Caribbean party later that day. At least that’s my excuse anyway… arg!!)

Click through for photo gallery:


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