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Halloween Night 2014

Darlene and I headed out for Halloween night as the Princess Bride and Westley (aka, the Dread Pirate Roberts), having not entirely escaped the R.O.U.S.’s of the fire swamp:

Our first stop was to try to score some trick-or-treating at the Riggles. Dave then took us over to see this year’s incredible pirate house/manor at a nearby home in Los Altos.  It was an amazing display – comparable to a large portion of the Pirates of Caribbean animatronics at Disneyland:

Here’s their web site: http://www.piratemanor.com and a story about their efforts in the local town paper.

Then we were off to a super-decorated 80’s costume theme party with Martha and David hosted by some friends of theirs in San Jose.

Click through for the full gallery:


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Resi & Troy’s Baby Shower

Click on through for pictures from Resi & Troy’s baby shower this past weekend:

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Surprise Party

Darlene managed to gather together a large number of my friends at her house to surprise me on my birthday — so *that’s* what she had been up to all month — and why she was asking such strange questions!

IMG_1869  IMG_1870 IMG_1871

She also had several cakes on hand so we could celebrate Rachel’s and Resi’s birthdays…

IMG_1873 IMG_1874

(Thanks for sharing the pictures, Dave!)


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Spanish Flair

Over-dressed but oh-so-cute for a spanish-themed dinner party:



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Remembering Cassie

Cassie Elliott, a wonderful, joyful person — and friend — died earlier this month.  I’m posting this as a memorial to share a stream of photos from our adventures together, mostly with the Outdoor Adventure Club, since I first met her in December 2008.

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Greg & Erin’s Wedding Reception

Newly married earlier this year, Greg and Erin celebrated by hosting a dinner party at the Monterey Bay Aquarium this past Saturday, Nov. 17th — and it was a fantastic location for a party!

Click on through for the gallery:


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Claris Reunion Lunch

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Halloween at the Wellers

It’s that time of year again… Halloween at the Wellers!  Click through for the full gallery:


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Resi’s Birthday Bowling Party

Pictures from Resi’s birthday bowling party at Albany Bowl on June 29th, 2011:

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Halloween Block Party

Mike, Nancy, Lise and Rick get together with their neighbors to close off their street in San Jose and host this awesome block party for Halloween:


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