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Shiny Girl in Blue

Here are some pictures of Darlene and I trying out my new toy: a latex vacuum bed, from Kink Engineering.  I’ve long wanted to try one of these!  It’s a “bed” made of latex that you slide someone into and use a vacuum hose to suck out all the air, leaving your volunteer/victim shrink-wrapped and pinned in position. You can’t budge a finger! And the thin latex sheet amplifies every sensation so that running anything, fingers or feathers or whatever feels wild and amazing.  And of course it feels and looks super-sexy shiny!

So here she is, my beautiful shiny girl in blue:

   DSC00954 DSC00956

And of course I had to try it too – it feels awesome!


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SF Fetish Ball

My costume for the San Francisco Fetish Ball this year:

DSC_3258  DSC_3260

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A Weekend in Montréal

Taking advantage of a work-paid trip to our FileMaker Ottawa office, I made arrangements to fly into Montréal and visit for the holiday weekend before driving over to Ottawa. This also gave me the opportunity to attend all three nights of the Montréal Fetish Weekend. (Here’s some videos from the event.)


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