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Another Pre-Movie Gaming Day

Roland, Clay, Mark, Steven, Troy and I gathered for another gaming day and movie night (Blade Runner 2049) this past Sunday:

  1. We managed to escape the singularity after much hilariously haphazard gravitational maneuvers in Gravwell.
  2. We cleverly dodged almost certain disaster on K2 by decisively turning away from the mountain entirely.
  3. We successfully secured pirate booty aplenty in Libertalia despite the efforts of many mutineers among us.
  4. And though many boats were violently smashed by whales, and many swimmers torn apart by sharks, and several ships utterly destroyed by sea monsters, a handful of survivors made it to shore to tell the tale of Survive: Escape from Atlantis.

It was indeed a day of many adventures.  (And a good movie, too!)  Thanks, guys!

Click through for the full gallery:


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Tahoe Gaming Weekend

Darlene and I joined Roland, Charles, Mark, Jon and Steve last weekend in South Lake Tahoe for a couple of fun filled days of gaming – thanks again for hosting, Steve!  We had adventures in Welcome to the Dungeon, Bang! The Dice Game, Sidereal Confluence, Raptor, Crazy Karts, Viva Java, Category 5, Chameleon, Codenames, and Ladies and Gentlemen.  Click through for the gallery:


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New Years Eve Gaming Day

We got a fun crowd together for gaming on New Year’s Eve day with Roland, Troy, Rachel, Dan, Kevin, Vanessa and myself:

And we got in games of Terraforming Mars, Raptor, Deception, Viral, Splendor, Bang! – The Dice Game and King of Tokyo!

Click through for the full gallery:


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Pre-Movie Gaming Day


Clay, Roland, Vanessa and Kevin joined Darlene and me for some board gaming ahead of the full crowd we had for last Saturday’s BBQ/movie night.  (I should’ve taken a couple of pics of the full house.)  We got in a long game of Power Grid followed by trying a few rounds of the cute new Cheaty Mages.

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Gaming Day @ Charles’ Place

Finally got to experience a proper run-through of the team-based, submarine hunt “Captain Sonar”  as part of our full day of gaming at Charles’ place with Mark, Jon, Roland, RC, Steve and Stefan.  It was tense and it was a blast!

Roland’s follow-up:

  • Space Cadets: Dice Duel was total mayhem.  Charles, I let you down as captain!
  • “Oh, is that a Category 5?”  Yah, Stefan, go ahead and take that.  Category 5 is such a solid filler game.
  • Sushi Go Party was good, but not sure about how good it really is with 8 players.
  • Steampunk Rally… much mayhem.  Pretty sure I avoided DFL, but not by that much!  I had a great time despite Christopher feeling isolated.  :P
  • Captain Sonar was as good as advertised.  We got to see Charles snap as Captain.  Dunno about the other sub, but on ours Mark did a tremendous jobs as Radio Operator.  Jon and Stefan were a fantastic engineering/first mate duo.
  • SpaceTeam.  Yah…  Sure, we cheated a bit (picking up cards and showing them to ask for tools), but we did eventually win!  In celebration of our victory, I put together a video.  Truly, it was my pleasure…

“Pleasurizers! I need pleasurizers!”

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Gaming Day @ Charles’ Place

Pictures from our epic game of “Eclipse” (and later, “Chaos in the Old World”) at Charles’ place with Roland, Mark, Jon and Karl:


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Tahoe Skiing

Here’s a handful of pictures and a video montage from a couple of Tahoe ski trips in March with Darlene and the Outdoor Adventure Club.  Unfortunately, I didn’t catch everyone on camera on these trips.  One weekend was with Greg and Erin but we never caught up with Bruce and Jane on the slopes and the other was with Stéphane, Evan, Richard and Jennifer but you can’t tell that from the photos.  We also met up with Resi and Troy (and baby Aiden!) one day and foolishly I didn’t get a single shot of Aiden ripping up the slopes!  At least I did get a shot of our massive Carcassonne game where we played with four of the major expansions at once.

Click on through for the gallery and video:


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Skiing/Gaming Week in Tahoe

Here’s pictures and video from a week of skiing and tabletop gaming in North Lake Tahoe with Jon, Stan, Bill, Brin and Lewis. We went to Alpine Meadows, Sugarbowl, Northstar and Squaw Valley over the course of six days.


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A Couple of “Involved” Board Games

Just some pictures from two different days involving some rather involved board games.  In other words, *lots* of setup and a *long* time to complete!  The first one I recognize as being the “Lord of the Rings” board game, but I don’t remember what the second was — other than that Roland was very excited to finally get to try it….



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Ski Utah!

A fun week of skiing (and board/card gaming) with Jon and his college friends in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains at Alta, Snowbird and Solitude:


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