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This is a complete game walkthrough and storyline that someone wrote and apparently published in The Electronic Gamer about my game, The Wrath of Denethenor.



Humble Beginnings on Nisondel

And so it began. They had challenged me with their words, but I knew in my heart that I could reach Denethenor’s castle and destroy him. In my pocket I had five maps, each depicting a continent on Deledain. I reached in and withdrew the one of Nisondel. I found where I was and then started off, walking slowly west and then going southwest until I noticed the town of Backwoods on the horizon. I walked directly towards it and entered.

Inside I met several people and found several shops. I made it a point to search the whole town thoroughly, for there was a rumor that a magic-using hermit lived there. I was about to give up when I noticed a lone door set in a mountainside to the south of town. I opened it and walked forward to find a secret passage open before me. I walked steadily down the passage to meet the hermit. His words I remember well, because he taught me the first of ten spells that I would need on my travels. It was called TULICANRE, the Lighter of Torches.

I left town only to find a group of the strange monsters that had begun to invade the land — creatures created by Denethenor. I fought these long and hard noting that fielenas took low hits, as did ghoulies. The wizards could be thwarted by backing up against mountains, and that way I wouldn’t be flung across the continent. Unfortunately, most battle knowledge you must learn for yourself. Do not despair, though, for defeating monsters in combat is not as tough as it seems. Always strive to attain the best armor and weapons. And finally, gather goodly amounts of gold by capturing weapons from defeated creatures and selling them in trading posts.

After Backwoods, I ventured into the circle of mountains in the center of the continent. There I found the first castle of my travels, owned by Lord Solrain. After I conversed with him, he gave me great wisdom (an increase in intelligence). I then explored as much of his castle as I could (some of it lay behind locked doors). Fortunately I met a wizard who taught me the spell SPECERE, which allowed me to view the greater maps of the continents with the use of a SCROLL.

I then began preparing to leave Nisondel and start my journey into the next four continents where the danger was more real. To travel to Cestiona I would have to find a dimension door (a swirling vortex) that would take me there. After exploring most of Nisondel and a little bit of the town of Dry Gulch, I realized the labyrinth in the far southwest was my last hope. By fighting monsters, I accumulated four torches and then entered Fire Trench.

With the use of a few scrolls I made my way south to a small underground stream and took a straight bridge over it. Then I traveled in a westerly direction and then went across a diagonal bridge and traveled north to find a different ladder. After ascending it, I found myself on a remote peninsula separated from the rest of the continent by mountains. On the peninsula was a town where I found ships that I could use for transportation and a key to the next spell, NETRELON, which required a CHARM. I soon found out that it allowed me to pass through locked doors.

I sailed north to the town of Dry Gulch and entered, walking into the soup bar then going to the door in the northeast corner. I used my new-found spell to pass through and walked around the side of the building into the rest of Dry Gulch. Here I met several people, and I found my fourth spell, MONSROL, a spell that stopped time! It required a pendant. Luckily (I was very weak) I met a cleric inside a locked room on the west side of town who used a mystic healing ritual to raise my hit points. I left Dry Gulch the way I came.

After boarding my boat and hoisting the anchor, I sailed to the west coast o Nisondel and docked my ship on a long island. It was here that I found the dimension door to Cestiona.

The plot thickens on Cestiona and the going gets tougher

Here I used SPECERE again and discerned my location. Lake Fionel was to the northwest. Unfortunately, a horde of malignant meanies were heading from the same direction. The rumors I had heard were evidently well-founded. Denethenor’s wrath had taken its toll harder here.

There was no way I could live through a confrontation with that large a number. After several moments of tough thinking, I came to the conclusion that a powerful spell was in order. I murmured the word MONSROL and used a pendant. Time stopped.

I carved a passage through the wall of creatures and reached my destination of Lake Fionel unmolested. Here I healed, and used it as a home base as I attacked the army of nasties right on Fionel’s doorstep. I chose to attack the monsters because they supplied me with the spell components and money necessary for sustaining my life. But I also made use of my share of spells.

After building my supply of gold, and equipping myself with slightly better weapons, I completed the travel to Mirrih Argoth. Mirrih Argoth lies to the south, in the far northeast of the mountain chain, near the river. I always used scrolls to orient myself until I was comfortable with the geography of Cestiona.

About Mirrih Argoth: I found a healer in the hotel and raised my hit points to good health. Next, I checked out the local bar, but no one had the decency to be friendly. After purchasing more rations, I bought a round for the house and was surprised when they all started talking and telling me useful information at that! From then on I always bought a round of drinks for patrons in bars.

South of Mirrih Argoth in the mountains I found a dimension door. I stepped through expecting the worst; however, only a few nasties met me on the other side; after a quick scroll check, I found out I was on the island of Bay of Mirrih. I walked around the small mountain barrier to the east and marched proudly south into Bay of Mirrih. Here I found the water transportation I would need to continue my quest.

I sailed southwest then west around the island then north into the mouth of the river that splits the continent in two. Sailing up this river, I soon found the castle of Lord Mirrih. Here I met Mirrih and he gave me extended wisdom, as well as a quest. I was to bring him the poisonous hemlock that no longer grows along his riverbank. That, I learned, would be a quest that led me through all five continents.

I explored all unguarded areas of his castle, including the dungeon. By thi time I had found bits and pieces of two more spells (WEHTRIR and RESONIM), spells that were of such considerable power that they required no components. WETHRIR allowed me to shoot balls of fire; RESONIM, as I soon found out, freezes the deadly essence of demon glow wavy lines. These spells were nothing to sniff at, but WETHRIR wasn’t worth the loss of stamina.

About this time I felt that I had done and seen everything. It was just about time to blow this joint (in reference to Cestiona). I sailed back down the river, stopping at Mirrih Argoth again to stock up on hit points and food (stamina points). I knew that the going would be so tough on Arveduin that there would be little chance to build stamina or hit points.

After a brief visit to Mirrih Argoth, I sailed around the southeast end of the continent and walked into the mountain chain to the east to stop by a town called Mount Karabei. Here I bought torches, traded goods, visited a local pub, and otherwise gleaned important knowledge. I left with a heavy head and made my way back to my ship. I rested briefly and started off again.

Anxious with anticipation of my near-future adventures, I skirted the coast going north, making note of a labyrinth that I passed. From what I’d learned it was called The Hole and a vast treasure lay at its end. They were all for the taking if one could defeat the endless demons throughout. And nothing important to my quest lay beyond. That’s why I decided it would be a waste of time and energy. Plus I was anxious to get into some more danger.

At the northwest corner of the continent I beached on an interesting isle that was bare with the exception of a dead tree and a dimension door. Just as I was stepping off the boat and was wondering why the tree was dead, I was greeted by the mind-shaking shock of demon glow. I quickly screamed the word RESONIM and strode into the dimension door. I ended up on another isle, stepped into the opposite dimension door I found, and was off to another deadly continent — in fact, deadlier.

Dark passages and great knowledge gleaned on the next continent

Ah, Arveduin! A land I remember well, particularly for its danger and the army of Denethenor’s creations that had made Arveduin — gateway to all Deledain — their home. I used MONSROL frequently to avoid the masses of malignancies; exploration of the continent was nearly impossible considering the “burden” I carried everywhere I went.

Using the map of Arveduin, I located Castle Estrine and made my way there. Inside, I was fascinated by the water Castle Estrine had created. I boarded a boat on the dock and sailed around, exploring everywhere. This took me into the prison, where I learned some half-way decent information and to the throne island of Estrine himself. He, as had the other lords, granted me his extended wisdom. I chatted with the guards for a bit. They were a bit paranoid, but friendly. Taking my time, I eventually sailed out into the lake that dominates the center of Arveduin.

From there I decided to visit the Deledain Penitentiary. With the use of several charms and NETRELON spells, I managed to gain great knowledge from the prisoners within. The prisoners were all talkative — except one. In the far northwest corner I noticed a darkly clothed man. Evil seemed to radiate from him. As soon as I stepped into his cell, he transformed into a demon — a deadly, fire-spitting creature. I stepped back out and sailed away from the prison island.

From what I had heard, my next destination should be Castle Drawn. It was said that two things awaited me there — Great Knowledge and Death. Not too optimistic sounding. Building my strength and confidence I entered the Castle.

As it turned out, the castle was a marvel of symmetry and architecture that high interested me. Unfortunately the Sea of Immortal Wizards in the west and east meadows were enough to force my departure from the castle without delving deeper into its mysteries. I was at once reminded of the enormity of my quest and my inadequacy. I felt a wave of doubt surge through me.

I hoisted my vessel’s anchor and sailed south along the coast and then west, stopping only briefly at the Dead Forest Inn. My destination was the Lotrus Amphitheater. I had also heard of a spell that I should learn there. I dropped anchor on the east side of this southeast island and stalked into the amphitheater. I bought food from a concession stand and strode into the theater. The show was apparently closed, but I decided to check backstage.

It was in a room backstage that I met a special effects wizard who taught me the next spell, INSLERETE — a spell that made use of SILVER DUST. With its powers, one was supposed to disappear. With doubt in my heart, I used the spell to find my dreams come true. I did disappear! With this spell I could triumph at Castle Drawn!

I left Lotrus with high hopes and sailed back around to Castle Drawn. When I entered this time and walked over to the west meadow, I used my new tactic to keep myself from being slung around by the wizards’ spells. With INSLERETE’S invisibilty I crept northward and waited till my magic strength returned. I quickly cast RESONIM and ran northward, casting it again when I got zapped and then NETRELONed my way through a door and walked through the winding corridor into the northern maze. Here I met a couple of wizards who taught me the next spell. The next spell was LETHREN, Demon Glow itself! It uses no components.

After stepping into the opposite door in the demon glow corridor (to the west) I edged myself around the castle between the walls themselves. I soon ended up at another door which took me to the southern maze. Despite the trouble it took, the southern maze was a letdown. No spells there, but I did learn the location of one of the two most powerful spells. “At The Banshee,” a wizard had said. “Great,” I thought. “Real specific” (sarcastically).

After sailing around and exploring the entire continent, I soon grew weary of the endless supply of monsters and my inability to find the correct dimension door away from Arveduin. If I didn’t get on with my quest soon, it might be too late.

One grim day I was skirting the coast real close on the northwest side. Suddenly a corridor erupted in the mountains to the south of me. I quickly dropped anchor and ran south into a meadow high in the mountains. And if rumors were to be believed, I had found the famed Mount Restorn; if my suspicions were correct, the continuation of my quest lay on the other side. I walked in the entrance and stepped crisply down the ladder into darkness. As usual, I used TULICANRE and some torches. I then used a NETRELON spell to walk through the second door on the south. From there I zigzagged through a winding corridor onto, of all things, a dock! Using one of several boats, I sailed north up the river to land on a small outcropping that was the beginning of a corridor.

From there I walked west and then south, following a grassy passageway right into a dimension door. I was instantly in another place — a brightly lit glade whose only exits were a pair of dimension doors. Demon glow surrounded me. My choice was clear; the other side of the western dimension door was the top of Mount Restorn itself! I quickly used an INSLERETE spell and traveled south into an enclosed cavern that ended in the south at Demon Glow. I walked south and peered out east over the demon glow. It was an endless sea of light. A sixth sense told me my exit was in there somewhere.

Solemnly I murmured the magic word, RESONIM, and ran east. I soon encountered a sign post. Tired from my long run, I rested at its base. Suddenly the sea of light sprang up around me in all directions. In one more minute I would have been fried hamburger! I murmured RESONIM again and ran east edging into a square of boulders that I found. In the center was a ladder — my ticket out.

After climbing out I found myself at the top of another mountain ring near a swirling dimension door. I had been lucky…extremely lucky. Would my luck run out on the next continent? With all my heart, I hoped not.

Many mysteries finally laid bare on the Isles of Bregelad

Exiting the mysterious glade, I carefully traveled the narrow path through the mountainous terrain. Soon I found myself at the entrance to the sorrowful community of En Siev. Everything had been devastated by the thousands of creatures now inhabiting the town. And believe me, they were not friendly. Perhaps, no, certainly that was why I found the former inhabitants where I found them.

By making use of the INSLERETE spell, I had avoided the thousands of meanies in En Siev. While exploring the western building I discovered a locked vault. Inside was a labyrinth. And inside the labyrinth was….

En Siev! I walked north into a bar and immediately the words of someone wise (probably a wizard from Castle Drawn) returned to me: “The name of the unspoken one is engraved on a secluded pub.” My eyes shot upward and found the unspeakable spell. ELRESIRE it was (using no component) and I barely caught myself from casting it. I would have killed and alienated potential allies i En Siev. I left and winded my way through the corridor, exploring all rooms and branches. Along the way I found a store to the west that sold spell components. With extreme foresight, I stocked up on mine. I knew that the confrontation with Denethenor was approaching rapidly and I would need everything I could get.

I followed the underground path right into an “orc” den. After killing all of them, I ascended the ladder and found myself in the vault again. I left En Siev the way I came in.

From then on my memory lost itself amongst the near-infinite twistings of t near-infinite paths. The Isles of Bregelad were an interesting place to visit, but they were also a confusing place. If you travel here you will have to use maps and scrolls just as I did.

At the end of the long path I was on, I encountered a ship. With this, I sailed around the Isles, visting several locations and gaining knowledge. First of all, when I got hungry I would visit a fast food store in the far northwest corner. Next, I finally visited “The Banshee,” a pub in the far north that had to be reached by an extensive path. Once inside I bought a round of drinks and soon discovered the final spell from a patron. It was DESAPAR, the blanket spell, similar in power and effect to ELRESIRE. DESAPAR, it, too, uses no components. Lastly, I visited the feared Shadowmere.

To reach Shadowmere, I had to lower anchor on the south coast of the western river branch. From there I trekked south into a Labyrinth. I tried lighting torches; but whenever I did, I felt motion and they would go out. I had to fight my way through the bat-infested passage in the darkness, but I soon made it to the southernmost area of the cavern. There I ascended a ladder onto another path that eventually led to Shadowmere.

Once inside Shadowmere I had a look around. The insane asylum and the treatment of the inmates gave me anger, but I knew if I did anything, La Vince, the owner of the asylum and a disciple of the evil Denethenor, would do something foul to me and my quest would end. I just gritted my teeth and started to leave.

Just as I was about to leave town, an ear-splitting sound echoed throughout the graveyard. I turned to see thousands of graves upended and stones and pavement scattered. It was midnight, the witching hour! The crossover! This was my passage into the final continent in some way. I spent hours stalking amongst the graves. I was just searching the southern wall when I was suddenly thrown into limbo to arrive in another place. I had noticed the dimension door a second too late. What was on the other side?

Mystenor and the Final Confrontation

After using SPECERE, I had discerned my location. I happened to be in the northern portion of the center of Mystenor. It was near a small lake surrounded by mountains. I quickly cast INSLERETE and walked out along the beach into the interior of Mystenor. According to my map, and according to legend, the labyrinth of Red Sands had an opening on a peninsula in a lake to the southeast.

Invisible, I trudged southeast, noticing death and destruction everywhere. Denethenor’s wrath had taken its toll everywhere, but the worst was on this continent. My resolve grew stronger, and I knew that destroying Denethenor was necessary to my life as well as millions of others to come. If I did not succeed, Denethenor would eventually rule all of the continents and make everyone his slaves.

I found the entrance to Red Sands where it was supposed to be. I paused for a moment to gain my strength and then entered. The design of Red Sands was legendary. It apparently was a dungeon on the shores of an underground river. I headed north, NETRELONing through the second door to the right of the arrow. After following an extensive path outside of and on the beach of the river, I found a boat. Using it I sailed west onto the beach of the underground island and ascended the ladder there.

I had come up in the far south of the continent. Using INSLERETE again, I followed the shape of the land. East first, then south through a pass, then east, and finally north onto a riverside path that led to a city. If the city was what I thought it was, it would be Sorie Gulch.

I entered the town, not knowing what to expect. After surveying as much as I could, I knew that I would need a plan to get past the infinite number of dreyxs, the demon glow separating the town in two, and the doors to a dock. First I followed the edge of the demon glow west as far as possible without touching it. Then I cast MONSROL, freezing the dreyxs on the other side. Then, when my magic strength returned, I cast RESONIM.

I ran northeast to the building I had seen on my SPECERE map. After using NETRELON to go into the wizard’s room, I killed him. There I was moved west an invisible force; after walking north, I found the ship that would take me to the place I needed to go: Castle Denethena.

I sailed out, using INSLERETE, to the southeast and then began the laborious process of sailing through the endless river. After going west for a long time, my ship sailed into a welcomed lake. My quest had apparently reached its apex when I landed on the island in the center and entered Castle Denethena.

I prepared to meet the evil one in my heart, mind, and body. After buying drinks at a bar and purchasing food, I explored the castle. Something was obviously wrong; when I finally conversed with Denethenor, I knew what it was. Everyone was too, too friendly. Even Denethenor was nice. It had to be an illusion, placed in my way by the real Denethenor to turn me away. He either knew that I was coming or that several others had tried and that more would, too. I then did the only thing I could do. I killed the illusionary Denethenor and stepped into his throne.

The entire castle fell apart before my eyes. Marble and paving fell about me. The throne cracked and crumbled, but a singular plaque stayed intact unlike the rest of the castle. The plaque had three words on it. UREN DUIR ESEX they were, and it gives me a minor headache just thinking of them. They were great words of power, and I knew that their destiny and Denethenor’s were entwined.

Also on the island, across a barrier of demon glow, was a dimension door. Jumping into the swirling vortex I found myself back in the Isles of Bregelad. Except I was on an island that I had never been on before; there was a cleric there whom I had never met. After chatting briefly, he told me that his name was Janai and he had the poisonous hemlock in his possession. I could finally return to Mirrih and give him the hemlock that he desired.

There is one thing I forgot to mention about the dimension door I just crossed through. It happened to enter onto a place called Death Meadow. Contrary to popular opinion, it was possible to cross, only it took a few INSLERETE spells and a few SPECERE spells. The objective is to reach the other dimension door.

Back to the story, though. After going into the dimension door a second tim I was placed at the top of a mountain range with only one other location. The location of my worst nightmares and greatest dreams. The real castle of Lord Denethenor, foul master of the black arts.

Here, however, a gap in my story forms. Knowing that I could not face Denethenor without the knowledge Mirrih could give me, I had to turn back and go the opposite way. I went back to the Island of Illusion, back down the river, and back to Arveduin. The only difference is that I lowered anchor in the east and used a dimension door inside of a mountain range similar to an S I then traveled back to Cestiona by way of dimension doors. Soon I was in the court of Mirrih, exchanging hemlock for knowledge. With a strong heart, I knew I was to succeed. I went back the same way I came (through dimension doors) and crossed Death Meadow again, talked to Janai again and used Janai’s dimension door again. I was tired.

And so I eventually ended up where I had left. My time was at hand. I entered Castle Denethena. Once inside I followed my path south to a labyrinth. I figured that the only way into Denethenor’s lair would be through an underground passage. After going east through darkness (the same sensation I had encountered in the cavern in the Isles of Bregelad occurred here, too), I arrived at a door; using my sense of touch, I opened the door and continued around a twisting passage. At its end was a ladder leading up.

I was inside Castle Denethena. The chamber I was in was symmetrical and interesting. The only exit lay to the west, which apparently ended at a mass of demon glow. INSLERETE allowed me to pass through a trap I had barely noticed in time. That was when I noticed the largest number of dreyxs in my life. They were swarming on the other side of the demon glow. If I released the glow to go west, I would be slaughtered by them. My only choice was to kill them with a spell.

I soon discovered that none of my spells worked, except one. It took me several castings, but using the unspeakable one, ELRESIRE, I had, eventually, slain every one of the foul creatures from afar. RESONIM came next and then NETRELON after I had walked east to a locked door. Lastly was SPECERE, and I contemplated my path.

Recalling the words “Approach him from the east and like a whisper,” I knew that the direct approach to his throne would be out of the question. So, somehow, I would have to reach the room in the far northeast corner. Maybe the passage I needed would be found in the prison to the southeast. So I went south through a locked door then southeast on the platform through the water.

In the cell on the bottom right I found that for which I had been looking: A passage into the wall itself! Using RESONIM I traveled inside the wall to the east into a tower. There I waited for the demon glow to return. I then cast RESONIM again and ran as fast as I could north. Unfortunately my spell ran out before I reached the next tower. I had to quickly cast RESONIM again before my death came and I pulled my burning body into it. Then I waited again, cast RESONIM, walked north into the final tower. I waited one last time and ran north after using RESONIM. Just seconds short of my goal, the demon glow returned.

I fought with myself, struggling to regain the magic strength I needed. Burns scorched my body, the smell of burnt flesh filled the air. My skin began to flame, but I still could not cast RESONIM. A dark scar spread outward like a plague from my leg. Charred skin fell everywhere. I continued to struggle. I suddenly felt a rush of magical strength and I yelled RESONIM as powerfully as I could. My life seemed to pass before my eyes as I crawled north then west through the opening in the wall.

After crawling west and south for a bit, I found him. The seemingly omnipotent lord of evil who had put our land into darkness: Lord Denethenor.

His back was to me, but I took no chances. I cast INSLERETE, then RESONIM when I could. I ambled west, within a handspan from Denethenor. For what seemed an eternity I struggled to find the one thing that would banish the most evil man in all of Deledain. He may have been the most corrupted man, but he was also the most powerful. What could I use that would render him into so many pieces he could never call forth another demon?

And then it came to me. With joy straining through my crackling voice I yelled the three runes that I knew would save me and my land: UREN DUIR ESEX! The most powerful spell of all!

It was all downhill from there. My quest had come to an end.


WRATH OF DENETHENOR is published by Sierra On-Line, Inc.

This walkthru is copyright (c) 1987 by The Phoenix and THE ELECTRONIC GAMER ™.