First Launch of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy

Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, February 6th, 2018
A three-minute, condensed video of the Falcon Heavy launch experience from the "Feel the Heat" seating at the Apollo/Saturn V Center.  ( High res version here (374 MB) ) Map of Cape Canaveral and viewing location relative to launch and landing zones "Starman" awaits his departure in Elon's original Tesla Roadster... Hey!  That's Bill Nye ("the Science Guy") ahead of me in line at the car rental agency! DSC07320 DSC07322
DSC06225 DSC07325 DSC07326 IMG 6592 DSC03056 DSC03044
IMG 6591 DSC07327 DSC03053 DSC03045 DSC03050 DSC03065
DSC03068 DSC03075 DSC03077 DSC03083 DSC03086 DSC03087
falcon-clip3 falcon-clip1 DSC03094 falcon-clip2 boosters-landing DSC03089
DSC06234 DSC06236 "Starman" cruising and spinning in Earth orbit "Starman" awaiting final burn to leave Earth orbit IMG 0780 The two boosters are visible from Port Canaveral the next day
Launch pad 39A, two days later during bus tour DSC06264 DSC06274 DSC06277 DSC06281 DSC06283
DSC06310 DSC06285 DSC06286 DSC06290 DSC06298 DSC06295
DSC06302 DSC06303 DSC06314 DSC06335 DSC06323 DSC06325
DSC06327 DSC06331 DSC06344 DSC06343 DSC06242