Mendocino Coast

Pictures and video from six days on the Mendocino Coast in mid-July, 2017.
A short montage of drone footage from different spots along the Mendocino coast. DSC06902 DSC06908 DSC06910 DSC06911 DSC06919
DSC06920 DSC06923 DSC06950 DSC06951 DSC06935 DSC06936
DSC06939 This tiny LED-based fixture has replaced (and outshines) the huge fresnel lens assembly that used to sit at the top of the lighthouse. DSC06945 DSC06941 DSC06956 DSC06959
DSC06968 DSC06971 DSC06976 DSC06983 DSC06982 DSC07001
DSC06990 DSC06991 DSC06997 DSC06999 DSC07004 DSC07003
DSC07009 DSC07010 DSC07014 DSC07017 DSC07028 DSC07038