John Day River Basin

Pictures and video from five days scouting around the John Day River Basin with Pan and Hera. (June 2017)
A campsite along the highway near Mt. Hood IMG 5955 IMG 5962 Video montage of the cats around various campsites over a few days (two-minute video) IMG 5966 Giving Hera a chance to smell the flowers at the Painted Hill lookout
The Painted Hills DSC03189 DSC03191 DSC03192 A nice camping spot north of the Painted Hills area on BLM land. IMG 5969
IMG 5973 IMG 5974 DSC06649 It was lots of fun flying the drone around this area, north of the Painted Hills, near the John Day River (90 seconds) DJI 0153 DJI 0156
A short mountain bike ride led to this view overlooking the John Day River in the valley below. Would've been a cool spot to spend the night (on a county road near John Day Fossil Beds Monument), until somebody came along to claim all this as private land (map showed it as BLM land). A great, creekside camping spot in the Malhuer National Forest, near the Middle fork of the John Day River. IMG 6016 DSC06654 IMG 6019
DSC06666 DSC06671 A little drone footage over the Malheur Forest along the Middle Fork of the John Day River (60 seconds) DSC06656 DSC06685 IMG 6026
The view from near the top of my mountain bike ride. So much of the John Day River basin is private land and even some of the public land is inaccessible. A roadside/riverside campsite near Kimberly IMG 6043 DSC06716 DSC03214
Entering the "Sheep Rock Unit" of the John Day Fossil Beds Monument DSC03232 On this hike, they have a number of fossil reproductions in place along the trail. Evolution of the horse, from a tiny forest dweller to a large grassy plains animal A view into the lab at the John Cordon Paleontology Museum DSC06729
DSC06732 DSC06721 DSC06724 DSC06725 DSC06730 Pan after getting a wet cool down
DSC06754 IMG 6058 IMG 6059 IMG 6065 Entering Cottonwood Canyon to overnight at the new state park on the river DSC03262
DSC03264 Mt. Hood on the left and Mt. Adams on the right DSC03268 DSC03270 DSC03278 A simple map showing the extent of the John Day River basin.