Costa Rica Trip (August 2022)

Manuel Antonio National Park, Gaia Hotel Nature Reserve, Rafiki Safari Lodge, Diamante Waterfall and Cave, Drake Bay, La Paloma Lodge, Corcovado National Park, Caño Island
DSC04804 DSC04806 DSC04805 IMG 7085 IMG 7089 IMG 7267
costa-rica New entrance to Manuel Antonio National Park IMG 7095 DSC04812 Fer-de-lance snake "Tent-making bat" or American leaf-nosed bats
"Tent-making bat" or American leaf-nosed bats IMG 7104 Three-toed sloth Three-toed sloth on the move Three-toed sloth IMG 4044
IMG 7105 IMG 7097 IMG 7094 Coati or coatimundi Coati or coatimundi Coati or coatimundi
Caiman lurking Caiman making a meal of a deer Common basilisk or "Jesus Christ lizard" for its ability to run on the surface of water. IMG 7120 IMG 7121 IMG 7107
IMG 7193 IMG 7115 IMG 7118 IMG 7196 IMG 7122 IMG 7125
IMG 7124 DSC04841 Squirrel monkey DSC04846 DSC04844 DSC04850
DSC02907 White-faced or Capuchin monkey White-faced or Capuchin monkey White-faced monkeys or monkey mafia, as the guides like to say since they're always stealing everybody's stuff White-faced or Capuchin monkey White-faced or Capuchin monkey
DSC04849 IMG 7203 Green iguana Getting a tour of the Gaia Hotel's Nature Reserve and scarlet macaw breeding program Gaia Hotel's scarlet macaw breeding program DSC04908
DSC02924 Three-toed sloth Toucan Scarlet macaws DSC04913 IMG 7220
IMG 7230 IMG 7227 IMG 7234 IMG 7235 IMG 7245 IMG 7241
IMG 4118 IMG 7264 IMG 7265 IMG 7260 IMG 7269 IMG 7270
IMG 7272 IMG 4132 IMG 7277 IMG 4125 IMG 7278 IMG 7280
IMG 7282 IMG 7293 IMG 7286 IMG 7289 IMG 7292 IMG 7314
IMG 7304 IMG 7310 IMG 4151 DSCN0212 Caterpillar DSCN0213
DSCN0218 DSCN0219 DSCN0221 DSCN0223 DSCN0225 DSCN0229
DSCN0233 DSCN0235 DSCN0236 DSCN0238 DSCN0240 DSCN0245
DSCN0251 DSCN0254 DSCN0255 DSCN0266 DSCN0269 DSCN0273
DSCN0274 IMG 7323 IMG 7343 IMG 7320 IMG 7322 IMG 7324
IMG 7330 IMG 7334 IMG 7347 IMG 7363 IMG 7365 IMG 7369
IMG 7371 IMG 7374 IMG 7376 IMG 7378 IMG 7379 IMG 7382
DSC04929 DSC04927 DSC04932 DSC04933 IMG 7387 DSC04937
DSCN0277 IMG 4176 IMG 7391 IMG 7396 IMG 4189 IMG 4184
IMG 7405 IMG 7411 IMG 4197 IMG 4195 IMG 7413 DSC04940
DSC04944 IMG 7416 IMG 7418 DSC04948 IMG 7431 IMG 7439
IMG 7441 IMG 7437 IMG 7443 IMG 7450 IMG 7452 Diamante falls
Diamante falls IMG 7469 IMG 7478 IMG 7460 DSC04955 IMG 7495
IMG 7496 IMG 7498 IMG 7499 IMG 7504 DSC04963 DSC04966
IMG 4211 DSC04970 DSC04967 IMG 7510 IMG 7522 IMG 7516
DSC04975 DSC04990 DSC04999 DSC04997 DSC05005 DSC05011
DSC05012 DSC05020 IMG 7535 Coati or coatimundi Coati or coatimundi Coati begging for food from group
IMG 7538 IMG 7555 IMG 7556 IMG 7552 IMG 7561 IMG 7563
IMG 4300 Caño Island Caño Island Hermit crabs DSCN0332 DSCN0334
diving Whitetip reef shark Whitetip reef shark Pufferfish DSCN0337 DSCN0350
DSCN0352 DSCN0344 Caño Island Caño Island Round blue-spotted ray Round blue-spotted ray
Pufferfish Sea turtle Stingray Stingray Sea turtle DSCN0390
DSCN0398 DSCN0404 Golden silk orb-weaver spider Trapdoor spider's trap DSC05097 DSC05121
"Tent-making bat" or American leaf-nosed bats Bats Spider monkeys in Corcovado National Park Spider monkeys Spider monkeys Anteater descending a tree, looking for a meal
Anteater in a tree Anteater Whale bones Leaf-cutter ants DSC05176 Crocodile waiting for prey in the surf
Crocodile waiting for prey in the surf DSC05186 Scarlet macaws Scarlet macaws DSC05199 Tapir trying to hide and rest from all the tourist attention.
Tapir trying to hide and rest from all the tourist attention. IMG 7593 IMG 4311 IMG 7600 IMG 7602 DSC05209
DSC05213 IMG 7612 DSC02974 DSC05218 Toucan IMG 7621
IMG 7628 IMG 7616 IMG 7613 IMG 7623 IMG 7624 IMG 7635
IMG 7636 IMG 7640 IMG 7639 DSC05225 Toucans Scarlet macaws in flight
Scarlet macaws in flight. DSC05250 White-faced monkeys looking for trouble. IMG 7644 Howler monkeys Howler monkeys
Howler monkey IMG 7653 IMG 7658 IMG 7660 IMG 7678