Frie Family Visit to Tahoe

(August 2018)
DSC00241 DSC00242 DSC09210 A seven-minute video (large download! 260 MB) of Darlene, Joslyn and Carlyn climbing around the treetop adventure course in Tahoe Vista. DSC09219 DSC09229
DSC09242 DSC09275 DSC00258 DSC09297 DSC09322 DSC00265
DSC00268 DSC09347 DSC00269 DSC09355 DSC00272 DSC00273
DSC00276 DSC00278 DSC09378 DSC09386 DSC00297 DSC09404
DSC09413 DSC00304 DSC00308 DSC09419 DSC09425 The tree cutting guys happen to come while everyone was here... much more open afterwards!
Before the cut... ...and after! P1000782 P1000786 P1000789 P1000790
P1000791 P1000795 P1000798 DSC09447 DJI 0044 DSC09465
DSC09457 DJI 0047 DJI 0054 DSC00329 DSC09471 DJI 0060
DSC00323 DSC00325 DSC00338