Sonoma Coast

Pictures and video clips from five days along the Sonoma Coast from Bodega Bay to Fort Ross in the Traveling Cat Adventure Vehicle. (Dec. 28th - Jan 1st, 2017)
Not so bad after all IMG 5499 A little exploratory time seems to calm Pan and Hera about staying in the van DSC05012 DSC05014 DSC05019
Sunset in the dunes near Bodega Bay DSC05034 Found a cute little geocache creation in the Bodega Dunes campground. IMG 5509 IMG 5510 Our campsite for two night in the Bodega Dunes campground
Hiking out to the point (Bodega Head) DSC05042 DSC05047 Exploring Wright's Beach DSC01016 DSC01021
Giving the cats a little adventure where we parked for the night at Wright's Beach DSC05062 First sight of Goat Rock DSC05068 DSC05069 Watching the surf at Goat Rock Beach
DSC01049 DSC01055 DSC01068v2 DSC01070 DSC01076 Short 100-second video montage of the Sonoma Coast (34.4 MB)
DSC01081 DSC01090 DSC07527 DSC01097 DSC01144 Harbor seals at the mouth of the Russian River
DSC01227 DSC01243 Looking towards Jenner, near the mouth of the Russian River Pan and Hera staring out at the big wide world DSC05085 Hiking to the mammoth rubbing rocks
Trying out a well worn rubbing rock (7-second video) DSC01283 DSC01286 Visiting Fort Ross minutes before closing time DSC01304 DSC01310
DSC01311 DSC01315 Very cool, rotatable wind mill IMG 5539-edit Found a nice out-of-the-way vista point where the cats could explore off leash while we looked for whales IMG 5559
Pan decides he needs some shelter from the big wide world Turkey vulture sunning itself along the Russian River