Portland Visit

in the Traveling Cat Adventure Vehicle!
Pan and Hera are both taking to the RV well. DSC06589 A little on-the-road upgrade: adding a cellular booster antenna to the roof. DSC06597 DSC06611 DSC06615
A bit of drone footage from flying over Glenn and Michele's house and then flying around St. John's Bridge. (80 seconds) DJI 0146 A plaque now marks the first ever official geocache. And we found a newer, nearby geocache. Pan really likes geocaching (or forests) (30 second video) DSC06635
The End of the Oregon Trail interpretive center is very cool and worth a visit! DSC06637 A little video compilation of some of the ten(!) waterfalls encountered on this one hike in Silver Falls State Park. (75 second video) DSC03024 DSC08150 DSC03026
DSC03032-34 DSC08164 DSC03048 DSC03057 DSC03060 DSC03066
DSC03082 DSC08183 DSC03090 DSC08192 DSC03094 DSC08194
pano-behind-waterfall DSC03157