O'ahu, Hawaii

Pictures and video from a week-long trip at the end of April 2017.
oahu DSC05804 DSC05805 DSC05808 IMG 5833 DSC05810
DSC02172 DSC05811 DSC05812 DSC05815 IMG 5835-crop IMG 5836
DSC02168 DSC05817 DSC02170 DSC02173 DSC02178 DSC05823
DSC05824 DSC05826 DSC05831 DSC05832 DSC05834 DSC05835
DSC05836 DSC05838 DSC05839 DSC05840 DSC05842 DSC05849
DSC05855 DSC05853 DSC07703 DSC05856 DSC05857 DSC05858
DSC05861 DSC05862 DSC05869 DSC05873 DSC05875 DSC05882
DSC05879 IMG 5841 DSC05884 DSC05892 DSC05902 DSC05905
DSC05909 DSC02180 IMG 5842 DSC02195 Dole plantation's pineapple maze (photo belongs to Dole) DSC05910
DSC07872 DSC07884 DSC05922 DSC07900 DSC02205 DSC05940
DSC05941 DSC05943