Backpacking in the Enchantments

Pictures from a backpacking trip to the Enchantments area in Alpine Lakes Wilderness in central Washington. (September 2017)
Bavarian townscape of Leavenworth IMG 6250 Ready for a nice long climb starting from the Snow Lakes trailhead DSC04124 DSC04126 (Michele's photo)
DSC04128 (Michele's photo) DSC04130 DSC04131 DSC04134 Lower reaches of Nada Lake
Nada Lake Nada Lake and the jet stream outflow from Snow Lakes above DSC04143 DSC04147 The jet stream outflow from Snow Lakes Picking our way through the rockfall
(Michele's photo) Log jam at the east end of Snow Lakes Snow Lakes in a smoky haze Camp site at Snow Lakes DSC04165 DSC04168
DSC04169 A clear morning on the second day at Snow Lakes (Michele's photo) DSC04173 DSC04175 Half-way to the top!
DSC04177 Crazy mountain goat-like trail DSC04186 (Michele's photo) DSC04190 Lake Viviane
(Michele's photo) DSC04205 (Michele's photo) This is supposed to be a heavily travelled backpacking trail? Looking back down towards Snow Lakes from the ridge top Spying our campsite at Snow Lakes
John's reaction to the scenery John's reaction to the scenery Overlooking Lake Viviane Overlooking Lake Viviane Lake Leprechaun Lake Leprechaun
Lake Leprechaun Little fall from Perfection Lake to Sprite Lake Waterfall across Perfection Lake Perfection Lake Perfection Lake Contemplating our turnaround at Perfection Lake
(Michele's photo) Heading back down to Snow Lakes Heading back down to Snow Lakes Happy Birthday Fritz! Happy Birthday Fritz! (Michele's photo)
The more natural half of Snow Lakes DSC04301 Offering a bit of moss to the deer The more natural half of Snow Lakes The Deer Hunters A pair of grouse?
DSC04323 Making our way back down through the rockfalls to Nada Lake DSC04331 DSC04344 Enjoying camp at Nada Lake Darkness settling over Nada Lake
DSC04360 DSC04361 DSC04368 Mountain goats! DSC04382 (Michele's photo)
We may have to pay a toll... goats Back at the trailhead Very cool alpenhorn demonstration