A Total Eclipse of the Sun

Pictures and video from our camping trip to view the 2017 total solar eclipse in Eastern Oregon.
eclipse-map IMG 6195 DSC07108 Seaerra goes for a virtual drone flight DSC07124 What campsite is complete without an outdoor movie theater?
IMG 6216 DSC07129 DSC07134 DSC07136 IMG 6212 A bit of drone footage from flying around camp as we returned from our hike
DSC07139 IMG 6206 IMG 6205 DSC07141 IMG 6210 A short video montage of the eclipse viewing experience (2.5 minutes)
DSC03871 Making eclipse projections with our hands DSC03877 DSC03887 viewing1 DSC08490
viewing2 And there it is: the sun's corona! So cool to be able to see solar eruptions ...and Bailey's beads ...and the diamond ring effect totality5
Did we catch the elusive "shadow bands"?